Gitterbombing, or how to spiritually awaken a location to screw with normies

So yeah, when you create a sigil or totem or do a working to spiritually awaken a public place (mainly to screw with/awaken the normies), that is called a glitterbomb. DKMU uses their Linking Sigil ‘Ellis’ to glitterbomb places, while also adding them to a network of the same sigil all over the world. I’ve heard stories where people have done certain workings in spiritually powerful places and/or crossroads to cause actively persisting spiritual activity in such locations.

I myself am planning to do an invocation of the Moon and Mercury to create a sigil to do this.

What is your opinions on glitterbombing?


I have done this myself it was by a old shut down industrial estate, that many people have to pass on a hourly basis, i opened a huge massive portal in that area.

i made a huge stone circle, i stood there with my apprentice, i called the watchtowers, i then awakened the power within the ground we stood on, i then opened a spiritual slit, in the sky above the circle.

Then we heavily consecrated this area, by summoning about twelve demonic entities, then we performed mantras and prayers to heighten the vibration of that area.

Then we called astral entities made of pure power to enter each and every stone, i returned a few occasions to keep charging the place, i would call entities and powers through the gate above the circle and tell them to use that place to anchor themselves to the land.

Loads of weird shit has happened there since to the point where we had huge amounts of snow but there was a perfect grass patch where the circle was, i even witnessed a normie walk into the circle and passout.

So yeah its done globally.


That’s a bit more than a glitterbomb, but that’s cool as shit.


But there’s a reason to this, the " normies ", when they walk pass are subconsciously interacting with the gate almost as if their feeding on it, i have done this many times in different locations.

Azazel was the one who told me, how and why it should be done, because the non physical beings and powers of the spiritual worlds, can be anchored by the collective consciousness.

If this is done to a huge global scale, who knows the possibilities, this basically thins the veil and makes earth as a spiritual nexion and the perfect anchor for these beings, a few magickal lodges i was a part of did this almost every full moon.


Well, as far as what I’m going to do, it’s gonna be basically fire and forget, and with minimal fuss for setup.

Just draw it on, and leave it be.

The idea is that you put it in a place where it will be seen, and it charges from the attention of normies.


Streetlight posts would be great you could actually place it in a laminated sheet, program the laminated sheet to protect the sigil from energetic junk and negative harmful energy.

So the sigil charges from conscious attention, instead of their energetic gunk infecting the astral energetic mechanics of the sigil.


I was just going to consecrate a sharpie so that anything drawn with it resists attempts to interfere with it’s purpose. Also, all my sigils that auto-charge basically can use any energy to charge from. In my paradigm, all energy is the same at the base level, and I have a symbol that I can place the sigil inside to strip away the incompatible parts of any energies directed at it if I need to.

Just swap out the middle symbol as necessary basically, I used it to convert elemental energy into a reasonable facsimile of Saturn energy.

The top symbol is Light, the bottom Darkness,
Top left is Water, bottom right is Fire,
Bottom Left is Earth, top right is Air.
The middle symbol in it that can be swapped as necessary is generic magick energy.


Oh I think my whole small minded small town might benefit from this. One on every street light :smiling_imp:


When I create the sigil, I’ll share a picture.

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Did you design this or did you channel it from a spirit.

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I designed it, the symbols are all swappable to a degree, so long as they keep the meanings. Like the top left is water and the top right is air. The idea is that when you run energy through it, it strips away all ‘inflections’ as I call them from the energy. That was why I put the elemental symbols directly across from their opposites, because of reasons.

Actually, the symbols are part of a system I came up with too.


huh interesting i’m scrying at it from my laptop it started glowing and seemed three dimensional it seems like it has a cosmic residue to it.


Well, I’ve been told I have an almost cosmic energy to myself, and I came up with it with the idea of purely balancing energies to the purest most basic form.

I also have a way of basically doing shit way above my level unintentionally (or gitting gud stupid fast). I’ve only been practicing for a year on the 27th of this month (1/27/2017), and I have a stupidly high success rate (like 75-90%), taught myself Tarot to the point where I can start making money with it, evoked/invoked several powerful entities, have four umbral spirits residing in my shadow, can bilocate pretty decently, all but mastered meditation, and can do surprisingly potent direct magick.

Oh and earlier today when I was in the shower, I asked Archangel Raziel three questions, and he answered them. This is me thanking him for answering btw.


Perhaps your higherself or godself is feeding you information, via intuition.


I wouldn’t be surprised, I am an intuitive-taught practitioner.

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I’ve been thinking to do the same to my small town. I’ve heard several years ago there used to be massive amounts of supernatural things happening. Now, nothing. People from all over would visit my town now it’s a ghost town (pun intended)

I’m gonna start a major party up in my small town


Lol good one!

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:slight_smile: Completely unrelated fact, this reminds me of a club I was invited into long ago called The Cacophony Society. They did similar things, but their goals were more banal and mundane; screw with people’s heads and give them something to stop and think about for a moment of their dull lives (usually through ridiculous public art, outlandish situations, flash mobs, or the like) and never taking credit for it. You guys are like a better higher-goaled Occult version with this action. :hugs:

:thinking: hmm i may combine this concept with some leyline magick once i get a chance to map things out. My talismans will provide a “anchor” for me to do additional workings through out the network. :japanese_ogre: the city of the weird is gonna get alot stranger over the next few years lmao

That’s basically the DKMU Linking Sigil but not as widespread bro…

You may as well just use their LS if you’re creating a magickal network.