Girlfriend's Dream

My girlfriend recently had a dream where she was cowering to this oppressive force in a living room similar to ours, but twice the size and with everything out of sort. When she was cowering, she felt really nauseous and dizzy. Before she woke up, she saw a green number 5 grow through the ceiling. The 5 had the shape of a “v” where the curve would be. The whole experience was very vivid for her. She doesn’t have any spiritual practices, but does believe in spiritual things. Usually, when I put any attention at all towards an entity, even if it’s something that just shows up around me, they will show up in other people’s lives. Recently, I’ve just been working on meditation, energy work, and performing the LBRP and LIRP daily. Would this have anything to do with the dream? If so, is there any way that I could limit the amount that my spiritual practices affect those around me? Also, does anyone know what this dream would mean?

It sounds to me that she is being impacted by the connection that is between you two. The longer you are with a person, or the deeper the Unity between you, the more you will share energy. This happens with my Wife and I all the time,I will feel exhausted when she is super hyped up because she is taking my energy, and the opposite is true. We will share moods etc. This can be limited by proper circles and really dispersing the energy after the Work is done. Also if she is willing, teaching her some basics of energy defense might help.

The dream may also just be from fear or subconscious thoughts based on her knowledge that you are working with the Occult.

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Thanks for the insight. I can see if she’d like to do some energy defense work. I’d like to keep any spiritual practices I do from affecting those around me if possible