"Gifts" given by spirits at an early age

Recently, I’ve been thinking about a story from Irish poetry. It’s about a warrior named Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. He was born with a “love spot” on his forehead that made him irresistible to any woman that looked upon it. Then there are myths about how someone is born “blessed” or “cursed” with something, like with luck or attracting poltergeists

I know spirits often have people they favor or despise for one reason or another, but how come they give blessings to some of these “favorites” and not to others? And why would they curse the child when they or their families haven’t done anything? Is there a way to find out who has been blessed or cursed by spirits?


I would say all people have both to a greater or lesser degree. Divination and communicating with spirits is key. I dont know what form of divination you use so I could not say. You may not even use a system and rather just use natural ability to find out.


I’m gonna get a bit personal here. I honestly think that some Spirits have had it out for me since I was a child. In childhood I spent so much of time in and out of temples it’s not funny. The more I look at my past, the more I realize it wasn’t me. The best way I can describe it is like Bakura from Yugioh. Though I’ve noticed that whenever I connected with Lord Shiva or Goddess Kali or Lord Hanuman, I would feel at Peace. Perhaps I was given a gift by one of them? Is Spirit Attachment since such a young age even possible? By Spirit Attachment, I don’t mean them but just Spirits who hate my damn guts…

  1. Because if a Spirit tends to favor you, they will treat you better.
  2. They dislike you, Morino Ravenberg described this well in his video on the Downsides of the Occult. It’s mostly lesser Spirits that will want to hurt you, Gods, Angels, Demons and others will likely just ignore you.
  3. You’ll know. At some point in your Life, you will realize this. For blessings, the deity themself may speak to you. For curses, well some Spirits will confess this to you too. Most of the time you’ll never know…

In Slavic Paganism, there’s the story of the Bogini (Goddesses) Rodjenici. Boginya (Goddess) Rodjenice was the spouse of Bog (God) Rod, the Creator Bog. His wife, Boginya Rodjenice became a group of women who would decide the fate of newborn children. It was a custom to leave out an offering for the Bogini Rodjenici, usually bread, salt, and honey, so that they would give a favorable destiny. Once they made their decision, their prophecy took the form of a sjenovik (spirit) known as Dolya if it was favorable, or Nedolya if it was unfavorable. Both of these do everything in their power to manifest the will of the Bogini Rodjenici. And it was supposed to be impossible for you to get rid of them by any means.

Though, the Ancient Slavs definitely weren’t fatalists and anytime bad things happened they would give offerings to the Bogi (Gods) and the Bogi would heal them and answer them. So, even with a Nedolya around, it was possible, through a devout life, to overcome fate itself.

Slava Bogum!


You will know from a young age if you have been cursed as you will start to receive visions to frighten or torment. I did starting at age 6.

If spirits favor you will know later in life as they will help and guide instead of hinder and harass.

Divination would be the best method to gain an understanding of the spirit or purpose for which they have been chosen or if they have a reason for harm.

I know that i have had s curse placed on me since birth due to many factors. Things to consider regarding a curse:

  1. Your past lives, whether you believe in reincarnation or not several spirits have told me that we all come from someplace else and in most cases have at least one past life.

  2. Many spirits act independently and will choose one or another to be cursed due to past life experiences. In my case i was chosen for a curse due to many causes, my past life being one of them. I practice divination on a regular basis and was told by a low born spirit that a curse was placed on me after my death in the 15th century.

  3. The other causes of a curse are present when you start your new life at birth due to your future and events that may effect you, such as the spirits predicting negative future events that they hope to influence for harm as a channel of negativity to distort the victims lives for their own ends with gives them gratification.


Why? They’re deceitful sacks of ectoplasm.

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Nah. They are no more deceitful than human beings. By placing the blame on spirits you take it off humans as humans work in tandem with spirits.


But they cute, tho


Some spirits and curses were attached to the ancestors and designed to follow family lines, in which case it isn’t even personal, but then you can ask your ancestors if any of them know what’s going on.


I’ve never had visions but man I used to and still am paralyzed by fear. This fear was always because of what’s out there.

Do you think that a Spirit could actually cause one to be hateful and harm others throughout his or her Life? Perhaps throw them off their Life path just to maintain control?


Ancestral curses. Never understood why descendants should suffer for some ancestors idiocy. Again, this makes all spirits look like douche-bags doing such. Short sighted beings that vengeance should be rightfully exacted upon in the after life. (Speaking about the curse maker).

I hope every spirit that lays ancestral curses suffers an infinitely times worse in their own personal hell. Failing that, they should be erased.


I think the original point of such curses is when dealing with powerful bloodlines where power is inherited or similar types of clans where a battle between an individual and a rival would become the issue of the entire family or clan instead of kept a personal matter so it would become necessary to weaken the entire bloodline to prevent descendants from taking revenge for wars their ancestors fought.

I also find spirits are more honest than humans because they cannot truly hide their nature like humans can.


Definately, many spirits will cause harm for there own reasons, regardless of your rituals or requests.

With my past experiences starting at age 6 in 1966 on Halloween i started to have strange visions and experiences. I did not have an explanation untill recently. Later, when i was a teen i started to experiment with self improvement and got several books some were mail order and dealt marginally with the occult.

After reading one text i decided to write my own motivational prayer for better grades and education and many strange things started to happen, waking up st 3:21 am and then weird anger flashes.

If i didn’t have better self control I could have gotten sucked into more anger which could have lead to considerable misery, loss and conflict leading to an early downfall, even jail time. But i dealt with the cards i was given and survived leading to selfemplyment and later gratification.

There are many forces out there, some are more benevolent than other’s, many spirit’s come through the veil with the sole intention of causing harm to anyone they encounter.

The good thing for you is that since you have some experience you should know that when negative things begin to prevail you can take counter measures and pull back, knowing what is causing the visions or emotional turmoil and block the anger flashes and use your own knowledge and self will and empowerment to think things through and come to your own conclusions for your own betterment.

If you don’t know what is going on and are taken by surprise is where the danger really lurks that could lead to serious difficulties. :imp:


Spot on! A voice told me i was a church official in the 15th century and held a council for witchcraft that lead to many convictions of the innocent. So a demon decided to punish me for my past transgressions into the 21rst century, holding me back, hoping to punish me for what might happen in the future.

I was also told that many spirit forces have elements within humanity to include there genes so to speak, humanity being part of the universe and encompasses all aspects of life. If you should be so unfortunate to have some angelic form inside you, desiring to heal as opposed to wither, rot, or decay and a certain malevolent force knew of this, it could lead to a great deal of turmoil in your new life, hence being cursed at birth.

Ones future it is said is predetermined by your past. However, your future path is up to you to decide.


I vaguely remember one Christmas or near it at the coast. My brother, me, and my two cousins got a baby sitter while my gramps, pa, ma, aunts, uncles went out to probably drink. I don’t recall much but while the sitter and others were watching tv I went to get some water. I seem to recall 3 very white light beings visiting just like that and they told me something god awful about my life and future. It utterly destroyed my childhood and they seemed to take pleasure in it. I can’t recall exactly what they said as it’s like a part forgot but I remember as a child lamenting and crying and sucking in hopelessness. I’ve never hated angels more than then. How ironic being 3. And sure enough other mundane incidents has flooded into my life.

It’s never enough to permanently cripple me be it physical or mental but it’s like a vice. I’m sure they were overjoyed I went to the church and I swear there was a light possession. And the glee they had when the church showed me hypocrisy and lies and crushed my spirit again.

Then I go flipping over to Lilith and Lucifer and crew. And I’m sure they played the same game they play on all newbs. Same shit different dance.

Yeah, FUCK em all. I’d gladly drag the entire lot into the devouring void for erasure. And the hatred will only deepen.


I wouldn’t say having some angelic form inside you is bad it is just as good as any other being perhaps slightly more so depending on the entity itself as their polarity can be a natural counter to many more commonly occurring parasites and entities.


This is why I now banish after every Prayer. You really don’t know wtf is out there and it kinda makes me wish I never entered the Occult but then whatever is messing with me would have a massive party.


And maybe on a personal level those beings need to be smacked back down for arrogance, predatory vampirism, cursing, and more. It’s why I say strike the most powerful entity in existence. If one cannot be destroyed then what’s to fear. If you can be erased then it’s over so what? You won’t remember andnothing else will because you’ve been erased from existence. There might be a paradigm shifting from the change but you don’t exist so meh.

Since I have awareness I really don’t believe the hell of existing can be extinguished. So why not strike at ALL with everything? Immortality is already present then.

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Maybe you should just work with your ancestral deities? While even Azazel, when I evoked him, told me, “leave us Jewish myths to the Jews.” I have worked with angels and demons at various times throughout my life, and certainly have received results. But I have not gotten the same manifestations of power and care (especially outside the ritual space) as I have with my ancestral gods.

My ancestors aren’t worth anyone’s time. Vegabonds, outcasts, thieves, general scum. I don’t care about them. The dead can stay dead and away from the living. I feel the same way about my closest relatives. When they are dead, they’re gone and I NEVER want to see, hear, sense them again.

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