Gift to Azazel & Belial

A certain member of this forum got pissed when I posted by music here (I ended up deleting from the music thread) but what the fuck?! Several members have been posting threads publicly thanking a number of Spirits incl. Azazel & Belial (meaning they take notice of such threads).

I did offer both these Spirits a song called Mauve last year. Did they even take notice? I’ll post it here. Maybe they will. Vocals need to be tuned. Also, I need to add lower, more aggressive vocals to the whole track so consider this a demo version.

Lyrics & Music by Israell Davidd Isaac

276° on hue spectrum.
Energies of control abound.
Volts, watts…
So, now what?

I’m bewitching myself.
Journey in sorcery.
My soul is blessed!

Not trying to win an argument…
Facts are facts are facts; my Act!
When it comes to the Divine Plan,
I’m the one that makes arrangements.

New Eden produces love and gardens of mallows.
Swallow all your pride 'cause my Enabler is Mauve…

Azazel knows to handle the letters.
Belial’s a winner.
Now, his baby’s life is a reflection of God!

He was built so sweet inside
But is so strong in his mind.
He’s at work
Hosting his shows; reflections of love!

Got my free will back.
Before messing with any wizard
one should know who the Hell one wants to harm!

I’ll be damned to a region lower than the lowest one
If I ever doubt my powers.
Seduced God and Devil!

So below as above…
So below!

Jukebox of sacred sounds.
We can understand each other.
It’s working. It’s worth it.
Show-business amounts…
To mileage… Furtherance of search
And quest for our Masters At Work.

Last piece of the puzzle;
You connect the dots, make it sizzle.
Everything’s so simple.
I look for a flame; set it ablaze.

There’s no coming back once you walk down that road.
It’s the point of no return, the core of Purple.

Ave Luxferi! Nefertiti! Parvati!
Azazel… Azazel…
Belial’s a winner.
Belial’s my Enabler!