Gift of angels

Which angel gives gift of vision

There is a angel named Paltator who grant the gift of vision


Jeremiel, Zadkiel, Remiel


The Archangel Gabriel is the angel of prophecy and vision. He is said to have told Mary her child would be the Messiah, and he delivered the Quran to Mohammad.


In Geomantic tradition there are also many stories of the Archangel Gabriel teaching the divinatory art of Geomancy to either Adam, Enoch, Hermes etc.


As in clairvoyance? Or receiving visions? Both probably yes. Angels in general I mean, the individuals will have varying degrees of experience.

Thanks.but do you know the way to conjure them

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You can evoke/conjure them through any of their well known sigils. We have how-to guides here on sigil opening, and evocation if you want to search that up.

Like demon’s, angels have sigils too. Well least the well known ones. If you haven’t, work on shielding/banishing and your senses too. You’ll have an easier time communicating with them and protecting yourself (against unwanted visitors) if you do.


As stated above, you can evoke an angel through any of its seals.

If you are interested in working with angels, I highly recommend the book Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand. It contains specialised, seals, and talismans for the main 7 archangels, including Gabriel, as well as instructions on invocation and evocation.