Ok I researched here and there were answers too.

But situations mentioned are way different than mine.

I called upon lucifer last week I think and got a message in my dream - a name - Zadkiel. I have no recollection of the part where I heard the name in my dreams.

I prayed to Archangel Zadkiel ( after reading up on him ) and wrote a petition letter. Also thanking him and lucifer in it. One of my request was to clear any energy blocks I have in my aura or my subconscious. And also I have a sigil of Lucifer inside my pillow case.

On Sunday - I had an ex come over and we did it . I woke up the next day with this lightheaded ness and stays for a few seconds only and then both sides on my forehead feels immense pressure like a hangover. OUT OF THE BLUE.

I have low bp and I called in a doctor yesterday and he said all good probably stress.

Today I got it again - few seconds or giddyness and the room rotating circular way. Few seconds and I got up - started walking and no sign of fainting.
It usually happens around 4-5ish.

Did I accidentally charge the sigil? Is it my energy healing? Is it just overwhelming energy of two powerful energy source? Is it some low vibrational spirits attacking? I removed the sigil to my altar today.

Any good experienced insight would be highly appreciated.

Also check you’re getting enough salt. Being low on electrolytes including sodium, magnesium and potassium can cause low bp, which is easy to get if your diet is actually good, low carb and/or low in processed junk but you bought the ‘salt is bad’ thing and don’t get a good intake (it isn’t bad, it’s essential).

Other possibilities are that your ex vampirised you and you need time to rebuild your energy, or that the magickal working you did caused a strong energy movement and it’s that you need to recover from. Performing magick at levels your body isn’t used to can be taxing, for days and weeks afterwards. It’s worth planning in recovery time. Learning how to cultivate more energy through meditation is helpful.

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Well it’s really not an ex - more like a yr long fling.

My magick is for someone else.

So “fling” being a energy vampire I doubt. But I’ll consider this too.

So I didn’t accidentally charge the sigil eh? Coz it was still inside my pillow case even during the activity.

I have an unhealthy diet but I’ll increase salt in my food

If you eat carbs and salty processed foods, then those cause sodium to be stored in the kidneys more than low carb so that’s probably plenty, but almost everyone is deficient in magnesium.
You can get bloodwork done for vitamin levels, but I’d just try a supplement and see if it helps, it’s a lot cheaper and wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

I’m leaning to magickal fatigue, but a healthy body also helps with mitigating that anyway. Maybe note it in your grimoire so you don’t forget it in case a pattern emerges over time?

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Done. I just relieved it’s not some other low vibrational energies attacking me. I use 0 protection though.

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I just didn’t think of suggesting that this time. The keyword ‘drained’ (or depressed, down, angry or negative) would have been a ref flag, but that doesn’t seem to fit what you said.

I also feel like, doing workings for others is kinda high vibrational, and there’s lesser entities that figuratively stop being able to “see” you when you go out of range. I got this idea when I was on my Lightworker spree and it’s borne out so far. Like attracts like etc.

Most of my wards are against other humans to be honest, free will plus incarnate-spirit plus a lack of respect for boundaries make for messiness in the unseen that has caused me more problems than any lesser entity could. That’s been worth putting effort into preventing a repeat, but for the opportunists, the 80-20% rule applies - you won’t stop everything anyway so just dealing with it if it does is a valid approach in my book. :slight_smile:

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I am actually angry, in grief, negative and upset.

Hence prayed to archangel Zadkiel for healing.

Not working for others - it’s for myself only just that outta the blue this happened.

I’ll add extra salt to my good and drink more water. But besides that I hope I don’t have to get an mri done- I just tried to lie down and turn my head fast to see how it’s feel and that spinning feeling came faintly and left - again my head feels heavy esp two sides of the forehead.

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Ok, but are you feeling these out of proportion or even out of the blue? Overreacting can be a sign something is piggybacking on an energy and poking you to make it worse to feed on it. These kinds of emotions attract them. But if you’re justified then I wouldn’t automatically suspect influence.

It wouldn’t hurt to perform some kind of cleansing and banishing just in case and might help you feel better and start figuring out a way through.

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No these feelings are not out of the blue. It’s something that happened recently.

Using magick to get a solution but the head spins and heavy head is outta the blue. Just that the timing is so weird - right after I prayed to an arch and started working with Lucifer.

Just saying - idk at all why the headspin tho

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