Hello brothers, today I write to you because I happened to a situation that really has me worried. Yesterday evening I had a “paranormal” experience that really frightened me, what happened is that while he was playing video games with a friend heard a really loud sound as if the door of my house was opened by force, my dog get up immediately to barking then I lifted me to see that it was what happen and when I saw to where is my kitchen I saw someone leaving it and heading are to the kitchen, this person had dress shoes, black pants, and had as a traje(los que usan los ejecutivos) in black… could not see her face because it scared me much… was really clear as if it were a person. This is not the first time that it happens to me, had already told them that while performing a ritual if as a hand over of alighting the mia as taking… this same hand showed a suit sleeve for what I assume are the same person / be.

Now my question is who will be? Will be good or bad, ally or enemy? How can I find this out? This presence does not attack me or I feel intimidated on the contrary I feel as if you knew him or was part of my… what frightened me was to see it so clearly

It’s good you saw it so clearly. Try to communicate with it and ask its intent. Meditate and call to it, use a pendulum or spirit board.
You could also place a voice recorder nearby and listen to it afterwards to see if you pick up voices.

ok…i flip a coin and ask who was… ask if it was a demon told me that not and… is because but is me ocurrio think to ask whether it was Sitri (I thought evoke) told me if but what threw me off was that he said that he was an angel

Have you got any tarot cards? You’ll get a more accurate explanation from those.

Noup…but i have a pendulum