Ghost realm aka realm of the dead my thoughts

My current path is psychopomp work it’s pretty fulfilling in it’s own way.

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Have you helped any dead spirits yet? :ghost:

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A few, I was led to said path by the fae since it was apparently part of my role prior to reincarnation lol.


There is but a third one when talking about the dead. It’s basically a parallel world of people who once lived but are still around helping the living. Have a positive constructive energy. Are also like in a hierarqui and organised but in a helpful and loving way not through might and exercise of control. They are but friendly and understanding to the sorrowed, suffering and sick souls who are still struggling to accept themselves and go with the flow. And then of course the shadows, dark intelligent beings who understand the secrets of the universe but choose an anticosmic path, against the flow, which is not bad but different… people who once lived but choose to have power in afterlife and they have lots of potential too. All are legitimate to exist, evolve and learn…


Have you visited the realms? or any pantheons (if it is possible) ?

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Only via third eye astral travel and visions from Santa Muerte and Baron Samedi…also been taken into an underworld plain by Anubis before…

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Thanks for sharing this knowledge wtih me! I’m just a beginner and I find all of this really interesting :smiley:

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Strange… people try to seek the underworld? Why? You will all end up there soon… the underworld/ hell/ Hades… what ever you call it…is no different from the next plane…why do you think there is something special there?

It is a place of misery, deception, a place of despair…but also a place of truth! I call this place home, and I know no different…I am animal, heart pure. Instinct. Be careful what you wish for.

Because it’s not guaranteed we’d all end up there, and there’s multiple underworlds therefore you’re also wrong there given it’s not all the same plane let alone the same place.

Also not true since again, not all the underworlds were called any of this, very few underworlds went by this description.

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Hey have you worked with Bune, Samigina, Bifrons or Murmur?