Ghost Planet Spedauron Aklipsa

I will post this as is a part of my past research back when i was doing white magic.
This is the planet of Spedauron Aklipsa (Speh-daah-ooron Aklipsa)

It is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. But like most other worldly stuff it usually is mind numbing.
So in the picture above i represented how it might look related to Earth and how our planet Earth is kinda fused with this planet.

So the reason i call it a Ghost planet is because it is located in an alternate pocket frequency of the physical universe. We cannot see it but we can feel it as it is definitely there. And half of our planet is inside this other alien world.

This world seems to have two sigils that i haven’t figured out why:

It is populated by an ancient civilization of Elves of the Luciferian Light:

They literally see Lucifer as their god and the maker of this Multiverse.
They call Lucifer by another name that i haven’t bothered to look into as in the past i used to think that these people were worshipers of God or Yahweh the big great demiurge…

To my surprise that most of these worlds are in fact followers of Lucifer or Azazel…

Anywho, i’m not too keen on opening up and discovering more stuff about these worlds too soon as now i’m more focused on rebuilding myself and my mind.

I’m just doing a small trip so that i can understand certain details about these worlds that in the past were unclear to me. Such as the fact that they are in fact Luciferian worlds… Or simply part of the infernal kingdom…

As for this world being under Lucifer’s light it came to me, surprisingly, WELL before i even had a slight intention of following the path of darkness. It scared the shit out of me back then and i broke all contact with it for a full year… Until now…

There are more details that i’m going to share about this world when i feel like it and when i have the time do do so as now i’m focusing more on my material life than ever before.
Eventually my goal is to actually reach these worlds so i need to do some material work in relations to this goal.

After i finished posting everything i discovered about this world in the past from my RHP grimoire I’ll move on to more worlds…

Meanwhile anyone that is interested in creating a current that moves towards creating a possibility for reaching these worlds by physical means, please do join and aid me in my research as right now i’m kinda handicapped magically for a while and cannot perform to intense rituals without undesired consequences for myself.

And not to be to stark, i’m recovering and in fact becoming stronger, but my aspirations change from writing about these stuff to actually doing physical work to reach them.

Feel free to wonder through my other posts as my intent is to reach all of these worlds: