GF is Getting harrassed by Nigerian Girls, need Voudon or JuJu Curse Word

That was the idea , I know a lot of Africans and they are mad superstitious.


I’m guessing that if this worked, these girls aren’t exactly knowledgeable themselves so all you need is something to convince them they’re cursed, right? Or something to scare them off, at least.

Doesn’t have to be accurate so long as it looks reasonably authentic.

[b]Of course, if they hire someone to come back at you for real, that opens a new can of worms, but that’s the hazard of any magickal-based conflict, but if it’s just to scare some superstitious people away it might work.[b/][/quote]

This is the equivalent of threatening to shoot soneone when you don’t have a gun, what happens if the person you threatened gets on for themselves and is ready to use it because you’ve made them frightened of you.[/quote]

Im not scarred , I’m just looking for something to scare the pants off them .


Lol I meant Papa Legba, what a blast from the past ay.

It’s not what I say that matters, it is the spirits. And gasp ADR spirits actually promote initiation traditions as their preferred and valid way of containing their mysteries. Sorry, your gut doesn’t matter to them.

I sense another bullshit argument about to happen…hehehehe ]:slight_smile: Kalfu ki di se je o ki we, ki te o pale…

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No argument necessary. He can believe what he wants, but that never changes the facts.

Thanks for the advice, getting info off you is like pulling teeth, I know temperament is hard to convey in text but you always have to curse when replies concern me, . Thought this was the New magician help section,not chastise the newbies.

Did it never acure to you I might be one who could be a good ally in future!

Lol I just like watching arguments :slight_smile: I do agree with you Euoi, but most people just dont want to jear it. I dint even go there on forums anymore hahaha


Alright folks, back on topic please. :wink:

[quote=“Serell, post:11, topic:5522”][quote=“Arcane, post:5, topic:5522”]I am not a Houngan,or a Bokor.I have no initiation.I have almost no contact with the Loa.I am thoroughly fascinated by the current.

Ever thought of Expedition Powders?I understand you may object because the ritual for making involves taking corpses from cemeteries,but it’s just a suggestion.

Alternatively,try coming into contact with a Voodoo entity.In Baneful Magick,EA says that the Loa do not mind helping the uninitiated,as long as they are called forth,respectively,venerated well,the specifics of the operation are followed through,and the spirit is NOT exorcised,or banished,but rather requested to leave,under certain agreements which the magician and the Loa will agree on.

Then again,I’d rather not bombard them with Voodoo death magic or something like that,not when it’s just some group of Nigerian girls.

In fact,I was once mugged by some punk.I believe that’s one of the first rituals of baneful magic I’ve ever performed.One of those seals from La Poule Noire,five incredibly powerful spirits I trusted,one offering,one desecrated effigy,and one white candle later,I performed the curse,and discovered that the boy had died.Albeit,two months later,when he had disappeared from my mind.

Yay for effective baneful magic!I’m not gonna argue the morality of my actions in this,I just know sometimes redemption isn’t easy for these people,and that he wronged both me and my kin and kith,as well as a robbing a small boutique and trapping it’s workers within.

I’m going to say that that neighborhood fares much more prosperously without him,and that I would’ve been content having him leave the city forever.The death was just a happy bonus.

The point is,Eva suggests not doing any curses,but just making it look like you’ve cursed them so the Law of Attraction can finish them(something,I might add,Eva has been exploring to some degree…)

I’m gonna suggest doing a non-Voodoo curse,and making it look like Vodoun.

And if you want don’t wanna use any curses…well…just make a poppet of her,and then bind her up in red yarn,and freeze her.Simple as that.Charge it all,of course.But find some way to get her out of your life and the ones you love.If you want her not bothering other people ever,make her move away,and try mind control magics,but that’d still take a lot of work.[/quote]

I think youre right in that if you approach them properly they wouldnt mind helping you out, but the real powders I can tell you now are not something your average Vodoun practitioners have access to and I have yet to see a book that describes them right. Again thats getting into Makaya/Bizango so thats all I can say.[/quote]

You mean the powders made from the limbs of Albino African children, hacked off while alive, the more pain and suffering, louder the screams made, the more powerful the powdered bone when ground up, mixed with other ingredients and them rubbed into the Magicians cuts from razor blades.

Powders like them, my Zande friend?

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Alright. Lady Eva forgive me, I’ll post this and shut the fuck like I should’ve done in the first place.

Uru, Your ego needs to be popped doggy style. You are of the school of self entitled ego centric nobodies. The spirits won’t bend over backwards to destroy their beloved traditions for you, and I’m not going to sugar coat anything for you.
And NO, it has never, not in a million years, occurred that you could possibly ever be a good ally in the non existent place and time you become relevant to me.

The answer to the original question by Uru of “Can someone give me a verbal curse like Nordic Galdr magick, in Voudon that i can send to these bitches in a text…” appears to be a resounding no after six days, with various concerns raised - I’m going to lock this now, if anyone wants to start a new thread about the ethics of some materials used in ADRs (such as children’s bones) or the important of initiation, please start a new thread in the Vodoun sub-forum.

If anyone wants to pass on to Uru a verbal curse of the type asked for in the OP, please send him a PM.