Getting Unblocked on Social Media?

Short and sweet, is there any spells that worked for you to get someone to unblock you and contact you again?

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Try searching for “contact me spells.” There should be a few around here.


They should. They are all about making the person reach out to you, and that can happen through any form of communication. It’s not limited just to social media.


Well, my experiencie:

A spell i put in woman, do she think on me again and again. She married, and i told her many things and sexual things too. Then she blockme but after time, she como to me again.

How long? The period more long was 4 or 5 months i think.
Now, im with other woman and search spells goods and with success rate high.(for now, any fórmula i try, i dont see clear results)

Btw, if are you asking for what i dont use the spell i talking at begin, the reply, i use too, but is a spell what take time, over months. And i search for some more quickly

The spell is on caradeu book, pirámid section lol

What I did was quite simple I asked Grand Duke Dantalion to send positive thoughts to the target, another thing is I did visualization of the target opening her social media account in her phone and unblocking my account. Like I literally visualize the details, the phone color, and how her nails look like. Day after I did the visualization she unblocked me, both FB and Instagram. Just pour your emotions when you’re visualizing, on how you will feel when you knew the person unblocked you. Then detach yourself from the result. Right after I did the ritual, I said to myself “if it works, i dont care” then proceed to have fun. :rofl::rofl::rofl: It worked like 2x for me.

Right after visualizing that you were unblocked, visualize him/her typing a specific message like “Hey”/“Hello”. Make it short and specific. I still don’t have success with this, I’m still experimenting. But others have direct success, visualization is the key, while pouring your intent and emotions toward the result, then detachment.


Just make a sigil for it.

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The most ideal time I think is when you’re about to sleep, when you feel tired or somewhat, breath in and out, visualize the desired outcome then detach yourself from the results by sleeping. It works really well when you’re tired, pour every ounce of your remaining energy to visualizing the outcome, then go to sleep. In my experience, it may either that you’ll have your result right away or they’ll have dreams of you. Either way, its still positive. It’s really easy, yet very effective.

This is only applicable to a specific person you met or HAD/HAVE a feeling on, like your ex, crush, puppy love, or what. It wont work to someone you haven’t met before or that they haven’t met you before.


Trying this

Victor86 u mean the French author caradeau in his boo. Magia pratica, ?

Unfortunately didnt work for me

My go to combo when I want someone to contact me:

  • Atuesuel from the Angels of Omnipotence.

  • Diralisin and Kataron from Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.

  • Menadel and Stolus from the Magick of Angels and Demons.

-Olympic spirit Ophiel.

Never fails.

I usually get results anywhere from a few hours to a day.


Share a detailed style of your working, if you are kind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can confirm Atuesuels abilities in this regard, he gets them to respond within 48 hours usually.

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Yes, Atuesuel works even in difficult cases I’ve found. I used the ritual in Jareth Tempest’s book. There is a similar one to create communication in the new GOM book that I need to try. But that ritual doesn’t call on Atuesuel - it calls on Elubatel, Bualu and Labusi, instead.

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He really does work well for this, someone I wanted to chat with had gone silent for a few weeks and after asking Atuesuel to create honest open communication between us I received a 20 minute voice note the very next day!


I was doing it by trying vampirism at first, they should be off the guard. İt always work.