Getting treated like shit

Hey there people. So as the title suggests, I’m getting treated like shit by a person who I cannot control directly. It’s eating me up from within. Driving me nuts. I want the same for her. To return the same thing tenfold. Now, I don’t want to harm her physically but it’ll be sweet if she felt the same way I did. Even more. So she would stop being a jerk.

What entity should I work with?

Dantalion is one of the best in such things. In YouTube there is a Video from EA about the 9 Kings where he talks about manipulation of thaughts. You might find more interesting info

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I have been looking forward to working with dantalion. This is as good as an opportunity. Thank you

Corwin hargrove ebooks may have wat you are looking for.

May I ask, what is the particular reason you get treated like shit by her, there’s always a core to reasoning with the one who beckons and spreads bad energy.

Jinx her days and strike the chakra of the throat, eventually when you hold her tongue you can wait for the day it slips up and she makes herself look like utter shit.

Half the time, I don’t even do ritual work or the calling of demons to come assist in what I do — I understand that the pragmatic solution is to focus, willingly, and the thought will grow and become an inferred action as a direct result.

If you’re focused enough, you can jinx someone’s day just by the focus of it and nothing else. If you want more practical solutions I have others to mention if you want…