Getting to a point where you don’t have to evoke to ask for stuff?

So I had a weird coincidence happen. I decided to go for a hike and then meditate here in one of the several beatiful spots in SD . When I was meditating I think I was actually talking to king paimon and not just myself this time.

He said it could take some time for finding me living arrangements but he was immediately able to get my hours back at work.

See what’s been happening is that we have a dispatch and there has been once or twice where I actually wasn’t scheduled to work ( I wasn’t on there at all by mistake) but bossman has been cool and let me work in the yard those days.

Well I wasn’t scheduled to work wendsday and I called my boss in the morning and he pretty much told me it’s a seniority thing ( I actually have expierence in my field) but everyone wants to work.

Well the next day I got a call in the morning saying I was needed even though I wasn’t scheduled and not only that but today I got word that not only am I working tommorow and making up for the day I missed but I’m going out of town for 3 days.

Do you know what my prevailing wage is ? 56$ hr. 3 , 10 hour days plus per diem.

I mean this can’t just be a coincidence. King paimon told me he would rectify it and he did.

Not the only time I’ve asked him to help me out at work and he did it that time too.

My question in all of this though is can you get to a point where you can just talk to a demon and ask for stuff without a full evocation ? I thought without raising and drawing the energy it’s hard to get results but I just talked to him. Really.


Well in my opinion, evocations are simply accessing aspects of the subconscious. So, it completely makes sense to be able to accomplish the same thing without a ritual. You have created a belief in your subconscious, and it’s going to make that belief a reality, that’s how magic works. I’m more interested in bypassing the ritual part and just accessing my subconscious directly, and I’ve found great success in that paradigm, I’ve mostly been doing money and motivation magic, so I can physically see my results.



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