Getting There?

Well i’ve decided to put magick aside for awhile and decided to do trance work first to get into the necessary trance to do magick.I’ve been doing a little bit of autogenic training from the tips i’ve found on these forums.Well i was spending time with my spirit and accidentally found myself meditating if that makes sense.Anyway i found myself staring at a black mass,and after a few minutes i noticed a pink color shining behind it.After i shifted my focus on it it disappeared.I tried seeing it again but couldn’t so i opened eyes and saw white mists floating around me and forming too.I thought to myself has this always been around?While all this was going on i felt pressure not on my forehead but in it like something was trying to get out.I stopped because the pressure was getting to be too much.Is there anyone who can shed light on this and whether i’m getting to the necessary trance-like states to perform magick?

Hell yeah you’re on the right track, just keep at. A lot of the weird sensations are your different bodies getting used to consciously handling more “energy”. I also took the last month and a half to force myself into working the most boring “basic” parts of practice (meditation, visualization, energy building) without doing much ritual toward any “external” goal, but hey, all of the really fun and interesting advanced stuff hinges upon hitting the basics again - hard!

Keep up the good work man.

Yeah i figured i best get the boring basic stuff down first before i go on to the more fun stuff like evocation.After all i have to learn how to walk before i run.