Getting the cops off my back

I was wondering if anyone here has suggestions for spells and or entities to help with getting the cops to stop F’ing with them…

I drive a sports car that attracts way too much of their attention… I need something that will make them ignore me …

I just got a traffic ticket today and need a good ritual to make it go away too.

Thanks in advance!





Yea im thinking he would be good. Doesanyone have any rituals specific. For protection from police they have used that have worked really well?

Maybe if i paint Belials sigil on the hood of my car? Too obvious?



Painting a sigil on your hood will draw people.
A ring will suffice.


Belial for sure



Rose cross ritual maybe

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A ritual of protection with Jupiter and mercury is good for specifically protection during travel or you could go with the moon and mercury to make your movements invisible/hidden.


Grow out of your sports car phase. I have had two trans ams and got a ticket dead to rights, but only one in that car.

Find a car they don’t have a hard on for.

Also find new friends. Often cops say it is the car, but they don’t like someone you are with and target their friends.

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Thanks but in keeping with the theme of this forum I think magickal solutions are what should be discussed.

I didn’t write down the incantation I developed, but it was spontaneous but rhythmic. I say more of the power comes from visualization of with I’ll describe and or natural magick, beseeching our brothers in the quintessence, the elements. You must call I’m our devine mother and father, call forth the quarters in their correct carnal directions, and I would also shout out to your planet. Always have a flame of any sort. Even as basic as holding the flame of. Lighter. Draw forth your pentacal with regards to the waxing or waning mother Moon. Finally start to imagine an orb of sorts, orange and translucent, with Coronal ejections like of our Sun. In this orb, see the ambiguous bust of that of an officer, I saw the police hat and badge and flashed of red and blue lights in the mirror. And just imagine that of those horrible feelings of being fucked with but some of these asshole coppers. Lastly. Wrap around this celestial orb [all non physical for myself but have thought of bringing onto this plane] a 3 dimensional version of ghost busters symbol, where your orb is where the ghost would be. Remember to keep the intent in your mind, believing is power. Dismiss your circle, tell the elements they can resume business as usual and your all set. Keep the orb with you when you drive. I’ve microsize it and wear it around my neck. Dont know if it matters but I snap my right fingers every time I enter any vehicle cuz I dont have my own lol, just to assure its presence… and I’ve noticed it remains in those cars that I’ve bestowed it even after I’ve been long separated thru time, the cars of those friends I’ve used, no longer report being pulledover, where noticed it being a common occurrence prior to my involvement. I do it for my safety cuz fuck a ticket. But I think it stays.

Defo belial. He’s helped me with the law one too many a times. I owe him alot!


Satan or Saint Death, both hate cops and authorities and would love to help

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Belial hates cops and authority figures so he’ll do just fine


Yes and no.
Mundane is discussed here as we think of practical, successful ways to solve problems.

You don’t want to get ride of your car, that’s cool but his suggestion is valid and excepted on this forum.