Getting that 'Oh wow!' moment as a new magician

Some back story: There is this guy, who is kind of my ex. Basically, he used me sexually and emotionally until his ex, whom he still had feelings for, came around to finally dating him. Kind of kicked me to the curb. So first off, fuck him. Second, I was going to take the healthy approach by licking my wounds and moving on, let karma deal with him, until I caught wind that he was slandering me around the office. That moment was like ‘Oh hell no’. At that point, I set up my first ever curse jar. Put some nails in for pain, some vinegar to sour his relationship, couple other things I don’t really remember, and sealed it shut with black wax, etc. You know the deal. It’s currently in the back of my closet.

Today at work, I learned that his grandmother died. He was pretty close with her, and she died suddenly. No known health issues really. It was that moment where I was like ‘Oh… Wow. That’s insane! But… cool! Kinda scary, but also kinda cool!’ Haha

So I’m curious! What was your first moment where you realized that your magic came in full clutch at some point after a spell?


Road opener. Made streetlights turn green and all kinds of other crazy shit.


How long Have you been practicing?

Magic in general? It’s hard to give an exact number, but I would say around 6 years total? This specific path though, I recently delved into it. I would say a few months.

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Very cool, so what did you practice prior to this. I too practiced many different form of magick but I seemed to have settled with this crazy bunch, whom I might add I love dearly.

I practiced only white magic. Wouldn’t even glance at gray because I was misinformed about it for the longest time. I was a Wiccan, and idolized the Greek gods for the most part. I like this path so far though! I’m still new to it, but it’s really teaching me to fight back and I’m already seeing myself more confident. The thing with Wicca is the whole three fold law, and don’t EVER harm others, while black magic and working with demons is more ‘Meh. If they wronged you, you have options, dear’ Haha

When i first started out, someone was sending me attacks.

I made a witches’ bottle. You know the deal. Pins, cut up can openings, rusty nails, all types of sharp stuff. I then urinated into it, then sealed it up. Around the outside i drew Andras’ sigil. Then threw it by some railroad tracks.

Told Brother Moloch what i did he said watch out, these things can get ugly.

That night a huge thunderstorm hit. During the night i was told to retrieve the bottle. So i did. I went back to the railroad tracks and found it. It took me a while to find it, but i did - it smelled so bad! But i took it, brought it home, thought about it, then went to a park that was sealed off with a high fence. Threw it over the fence into some private woods where it wouldn’t be found, then walked away.

Few days later went up to a botanica in midtown. On the way there was an old woman i passed. She followed me for 2 blocks, limping and cursing at me, but she was moving really slow like somebody just beat the hell out of her. I just walked away from her, she couldn’t keep up with me.

I went to the botanica. When i got out, i was stopped by a young lady with two daughters and they stopped me to talk for an hour about life. The sun was shining. The old woman saw them and she turned and left.

After that i knew things were going to be a lot better.

There were other things too, but that was the first one where someone was trying a thing and i saw an avatar of them get what they deserved.


Those moments are gratifying are they not?:slight_smile:
It’s those moments that allow us to truly experience the manipulation of the fabric of this construct and feel ourselves, our energies within it-
Most exciting:)
My first aha moment, was when I successfully conjured a trickster spirit for a (wrecking spell - which is a short lived minor chaos spell)and I had to change my countenance quickly from fear and surprise to authoritative and focused when the spirit began to move about and demand to know why it was present.
It was a learning experience.
Thanks for sharing such a fun topic question
Now I am reminiscing

Using the Fehu rune for wealth
Next day I come home and I’m given a job opportunity that pays well