Getting Started

Hello everyone. I’m aspiring to learn Black Magik in the simple fact that I long to see what’s really out there. I seek guidance from a higher being or beings. I long to find my inner self and I’m hoping I can do so with magik. I’m very intrigued and curious about this unique feild of black magik. This is an everyday thought for me. Can anyone help me get started with rituals and evocations? Can anyone help me determine how I find my Demon God?

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  1. Get a journal.
  2. Start a daily meditation practice.
  3. Read though this forum. There is enough info to work with for at least a few months, if not years for a beginner.

You mean your patron demon? One you work with most often?

This answer can be obtained thru meditation, dreams, scrying, or intuitive methods. You can meditate and state out loud or in your mind that you wish for your patron demon (who will serve as a guardian and familiar to you) to reveal their identity. While meditating, allow the images to come to you, do not purposefully place thoughts in your mind. If the images you see seem to be out of place or have nothing to do with a demon, make note after every session of what images you do see or what sounds you may hear. Eventually you will notice a pattern of sorts. Like if you continually see black cats in your visions, it could mean Bastet is contacting you. Or if you see ravens, it could indicate Lucifer.

Compare your notes, link together any similarities and do a google search like demons associated with (insert animal here) or demons associated with scratching sounds, etc. This may lead you to clues. The answers may also come in the form of dreams so be sure to learn dream recall techniques and keep a dream journal too. The easiest way is to scry for the answer but if you are very new to magick and don’t know how to scry efficiently yet, start with the meditation method first. If no results come from meditative visions, start paying very close attention to your surroundings. We all receive messages in different ways. Some of us receive them in the form of visions, others in dreams, others thru divination like tarot or runes, and others more intuitively by noticing repetitive patterns in our daily life.

Similar to the visual meditation methods, if your visions don’t seem to be giving any results start looking for patterns when you watch tv, read books, play games, log into facebook. If it suddenly dawns on you 5 days later, wait a minute this is the 9th time I have seen a lion this week, take that as a sign!!! Start looking into demons associated with lions. It’s not just the Satan or Lucifer aspects that are known to be associated with lions, some demons are too such as Astaroth and I am thinking either Ipos or maybe it was Buer, may be too.

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I highly recommend The Sorcerer’s Secrets by Jason Miller. I’m not a beginner, but I received it a week so and I thought it was really great for foundational exercises. In the same vein, I recommend his books Protection and Reversal Magic and Financial Sorcery.

Begin your work with your ancestors. Make them an altar and give them water/light every week. You can develop your ability to hear spirits by asking them to speak to you and just sit infront of the altar and relax yourself. Just keep doing that until you finally can hear them clearly. Once you can do that, THEN move onto all the other spirits in the world. You thus have built up a strong relationship with your closest spiritual allies who will always be there to protect and bless you.

Those books and this practical advice should keep you going fora few months.