Getting started again

So, I know how powerful evoking or summoning spirits is as just a small bit was done back in college- now, that I have time more of it (evoking spirits) needs to be done. This is my will.
Perhaps the first thing do to would be (what?) to select the spirit/demon you want to evoke. I bought EA’s magic circle, so that should arrive soon (it arrived while typing this- pretty cool!) and from EA’s videos- you do not have to stand inside the circle the entire time (as was once thought?).
It is likely that I will need to use incense for the spirit to manifest- so the room should be smoked- up with incense pretty well.
Then (what do you do?) read the conjuration a few times? I’m likely leaving out several of the “steps” of evocation, however, this is all ‘new to me again’ so while I’m trying to find or make a place to do this, I need to get the “steps” down pretty well. Have I left out steps? If so, what- because I’ll likely be fine tuning my technique for a longtime.

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