Getting spirits to interact with you

It makes me wonder if the average JCI follower were to evoke ‘God’, and had psychic skills, if they would be seen as blessed, or whatnot. The real first idea was if people would’ve gone LHP if there were devout believers in the JCI God, and had full psychic/Clair abilities.

It is interesting to note that Christ never left any written record, the bible states that when he wrote, he always wrote in the sand. Why is that? I acquired the Uranta Book, a very interesting read for those who question. In it the statement is made that he did not leave a written record because he did not want a cult following.
Yup, a very interesting statement.

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this book also mentions the Midway creatures.

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The essenes are not largely discussed, even though John was one originally.

Yes. I see you are well read.

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I am not sure if its one of the dead sea scrolls or something else, but in defense of Judas, he volunteered for the task as the others were too squeamish to do it.