Getting signs to show that a hex is successful?

I’ve kinda already have been asking for any spirits around me to give me any kind of sign they’re there for me , or to go through with something , give me a sign etc. I will state I DIDN’T Have ANY information at all at first but after asking the universe, guides, any unseen spirit , angel, etc if they were listening I managed to gain a picture, birthday, and full-name this was my request of “to hex or not to hex” and at the moment im just seeking help from someone with more knowledge about if they can assist me / give me more insight because my target isnt just one person alone i wish for a child abxser to be punished as well.

That might not be a great idea, depending on what’s around you and what you’re attracting, and based on your other posts it doesn’t sound likely to be good for you. This is a recipe for attracting parasites that enjoy the negative energy and feed on it, and they will bring you more of the same into your life to keep that going.

You don’t want just any spirits, you want ones that have your interests at heart, so you want to include that in your requests.

I suggest a good cleansing and banishing fairly soon, and then ask specific, named entities that you give permission to be around you and talk to you.

Then do two workings.

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That might be a good idea , I can’t recall if I was in a negative mindset when I asked because there were times I was completely calm and asked and got many angel numbers and even now see angel numbers , but I’m waiting on stuff for an uncrossing bath to arrive and will do a cleansing then.
Is there more advice or knowledgeable information you can give me ? My heart’s still wanting for people that have been very tormentive to be punished

That’s not how it works. You’ve set out a light on the astral and they can come around any time.

Which don’t necessarily have to come from “angels”, parasites and lesser entities will tell you what you want to hear to get you hooked. Look it up there’s a Parasite 101 thread here somewhere with more info. It’s not ideal to trust anything in he occult at face value, check it against your intuition and if you can, try to verify. If you’re getting synchronistic numbers maybe try a divination on a cleared deck to find out if they’re aligned with your interests, and if you can trust them going forward.

You don’t need to buy anything from others to do your magick, salt in your bath and even without that your intentionally directed energy are enough.

This here is what will attract shitty energy to you. It’s useful for a baneful working, but try to get this worked on and release it and you limit I recommended at least two books for you in another thread, both available on kindle so you could be working something from them as early as tonight.

Are the books free? do recommend them to me
i want to learn and do things properly

what kinds should i do

Really, so you’re asking all these questions but not actually taking much notice of the replies?

Maybe you should check through your responses (top right) and take some time to let it all settle. Haste makes waste.

Death curse. Kill them, and remove them from your version of the universe.

im still actively learning so im unaware of how I’d go about casting a death spell. I’ve heard of them from many sources but there are those that keep saying how Magick can’t kill or it can because of the energy it takes but I’m now aware there are spells that teach you them and I know Hexcraft is one of them but I barely have ingredients

Yes, you are. You’ve been getting info and pointers all day… 5 hours ago:

Search “death curse” top right.

I know you searched Sour Jar because you posted in two Sour jar threads.

You know, now you have to put it into practice. The only thing left you need is more experience. And a decent cleansing.

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Thank you I’ll take a look at the “Death Curse” section immediately and read into some threads
I wish there were more sour jar posts to deal with what I need I’m curious about those too I haven’t figured about how to make my own thread yet

Top right on main page.

I flagged the start of this convo here, it’s kind of off topic for the OP, and it can be merged with your new thread to keep stuff tidy and easier to find.


Hi, I’ve made this a new topic so other people with the same question can find the questions and responses, hope that fits the bill. :+1: