Getting rid or identifying this spirit (long humanoid alongside the stairs)

I have problems identifying this spirit, also I would like to get rid of it.
The thing is this spirit does not seem to be attached to a house but it rather seems to be attached to a person, in a way every time she moves from one house to another, the spirit follows.
the thing is I do not know what this spirit is doing, he plays with the doors sometimes and moves things around the girl who the spirit is attached to and his husband tend to argue in some heated discussions since the spirit is there, they fight constantly, and very harshly, I tend to think this spirit is draining somehow the harmony of the house.

This girl tends to believe the mother of her husband send this spirit or creature to follow her. She and the mother of his bf don’t get along.

the description of the spirit (because you can actually see him from time to time) is a long shaped humanoid with a long face and sharp teeth, he is most of the time sitting alongside the stairs, like sitting on the floor with his kneels up, and foots on the ground. it is like a dark color, you can recognize it in shades of black, like it had ink on his face.

I know she have tried to cleanse the space, and herself with no results. she is a very good friend of my sister, so I would really like to help her.

the thing is I tend to think identifying the spirit might point out, to how is the attachment made so I can break it.

Any advices?, or does someone know what this creature is?

What country is the girl / the mother of her bf from? Have you looked around the culture’s lores? You might find way better solutions from local people, since this thing sounds malicious and Earth-bound to me. If it’s a living curse like you suspect, i think those native to the culture could know more.
For now maybe use talismans or protective charms but I’m no experts on those. Buddhist ones might be harmless and simple enough to give to a person who doesn’t do magick. Also buddhist talismans calm the evils down.


The thing is the mother of the bf of the girl is associated with central-America witches which I do not know anything about.
the girl is from Chile a different city from where I live, but in the same country.
Buddhism might be right as my sister is assosiated with it, and is the one who mentioned me what happened in the first place
Thank you I will investigate more

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Wow for some reason i already thought South/Central America… In this case yes, it’s best to investigate more. And yeah buddhist protections are good and easy to use, without unnecessary strings attached.

Good luck to you and her!

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