Getting Rid of the other Women

Hello everyone,

I have been having a lot of trouble not thinking about this third party who is currently with the man I want back. I do have this urge to check her social media and see whether she’s still staying with him or not, and hence see if the break-up spell worked. Then I end up feeling like crap. I want to stop this asap.

Do you have tricks to get ride of those intrusive thoughts?

If I write affirmations which , should I say thank you universe for getting rid of her from my man’s life or should i completely remove the idea of this women and just focus on affirmation about my man and I? Which one would be more effective?

I am open to hearing your suggestions and hear anything that worked for you.

Thank you in advance

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Personally, I would just put my focus on the man. Don’t worry about what this other woman is doing. If you focus on having the man back, she will naturally fall away, so put all of your intention and energy on what you want, not what you don’t want.


Thank you :heart: any affirmations you would use in particular? Also what would you do when u get this urge to check?

I would ignore any “urge” to check. That is a sign of lust for results.

Remember, you are trying to establish a new reality with your magick. By constantly checking up on this other woman, you are solidifying the old reality in your mind. So my advice is to stop that.


Just visualize a feminine energy repellent in his aura. You can do it with a thoughtform. Or without.
Its kinda fucked up but it does work to an extent.
Like- binding all feminine energy that goes his way.
basically, You are interfering in their mating signals.
flirting is a pleasant energetic back and forth, you cut all that shit.

I did it with Lilith, I told her how shitty he behaved when we dated/broke up …and that I dont want other women to get close that I am not done with him yet. I imagine myself and Lilith standing next to him when another woman is near. And Lilith can be very frightening.


Bruh… I guess his dick will be lonely for a long time lmao


When me and my boyfriend were broken up I knew he was speaking to other girls. Everyday I put into the universe that he was changing his ways, seeing how his attitude could be, and would come back to me different and understanding. This is when the only “Magick” I practiced was very basic. BUT it worked and I believe it’s because my intention was so strong, I wanted it, and I imagined the end result like we were already over all of it.

When we had our baby we fell in love all over again. He left to go to work out of state and I found out he was still talking to this girl when he was angry at me since we never said we were actually getting back together. I was pissed. And once more I did the same thing. With a lot more conviction. I thought of us together with our baby. I thought of him realizing how dumb he was being. I even imagined and thought of how disgusted he was with this third party and how disgusted she was with him. And within a month he was begging, crying, and pleading for his family.

I know this isn’t as big and grand as things others could do in this situation and that’s because I’m not advanced at all like them lmao. But sometimes simple things work. This could be coincidence too but I choose to believe that what I put out came to be and I got my desired outcome. He is much more caring, he realizes his mistakes now, and most importantly he takes the time and effort to really show me he’s changed and loves me more than ever. We even go to counseling to work on our issues with what happened since it was a sensitive time with a new baby and all that stress too, all his idea because he feels like an idiot. To point out, we were strangers having a baby. It was bound to be chaotic lmao.

I didn’t focus my energy or thoughts on her at all until the very end. All of it was just on him and what I wanted for us. I blocked her so I wouldn’t see her or see what she was posting. In my mind she didn’t exist. And now she doesn’t :woman_shrugging:t4:

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My opinion is that all that Magick is about is using our intention to change our reality. Super simplified. Some people need to pronounce a set of words 3 times and burn a petition paper, others push the desire to a spirit for it to fulfill it… the ritual change, but I think the ritual is mainly for us, not for the Magick itself to work. That’s why all kinds of Magick can work. So my opinion is yours was a very valid type of Magick, because you decided it was going to work and it did. Congrats on the baby, btw:)

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It all works I agree… the intent ist most important.
There is no low or high value magick.
If it works, keep it. If you can refine it and make it work even more and faster, the better.
If you work with an archetypical energy (or demon) to boost it, ok. But no pressure.

I think to push the traumatic pain of our past and abandonment issues into the fire, tear out our own heart and put it in the fridge, when „dealing“ with ppl that don’t appreciate us is a nice therapy. So that we are in control and get it all set up.
Point is, we shouldnt deal with them.

Every. piece. of. work. is. on. them. They can cry, sweat, bleed, whatever.

Stating this for everyone who reads it to boost their belief.


Thank you!:heartpulse: the baby definitely made my intention even stronger I believe.

But yes as I grow more and learn I’m realizing that I’ve done things like this my whole life and since it works for me, I’m just rolling with it. Introducing rituals with the mindset I’ve always had. Seems to be going good so far!

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You’re an icon✨
I love your posts

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Sometimes the thing you chase, you chase away. By focusing on other things (even other potential love interests) you’ll give your work time to manifest. Easier said than done I realise, but it’s a very real phenomenon.


Sometimes you just need to let it go. Focus on you doing you and let everything fall into place how it should.

Sometimes, it’s fun to sit back and watch how things play out.