Getting rid of someone else's paranoia

I remember reading somewhere how Crowley drove his wives insane and they had to be committed. I am staring to worry about driving the people around me crazy, as in that they get obsessed with things to an unhealthy degree or that they start to think people are out to get them and care about what they do so they can’t show their face anywhere.
I’m not sure what to do about this issue. I always thought that it was the person practicing who had to worry about become ungrounded, but now I’m worrying about other people.
Now I’ve been trying to read up on the issue, but of course there is scant public information about it. (unsurprisingly) but what I did read is that sometimes pot makes people paranoid for some reason. Perhaps the same mechanisms are in effect.


:thinking: I have somewhere in my notebook says that “Basil: Protection against insanity”. I am not sure from where I got that but I have added it to my peace of mind spells with Venus and Mercury. My family was going through some shit and what I did seem to help us cope…
Hope this helps

first, it’s all in the mind, so stop worrying. however , if you talk to spirits, i can recommend a couple to manipulate the universe here . Horus, Belial, Posiedon, Odin.

why are you paranoid that you’re going to drive the people around you crazy though? it’s all in the self. THEY have to fix that for themselves and break those patterns, or it’s going to become kinda karmic .

I can’t believe I’m actually bumping this horrid topic. Anyway, the answer is monster energy drinks and too much caffeine can make paranoia worse, so look there first people, whoever is reading this topic.

The second thing is too much time spent in bad work places and on political crap (do not make politics a religion people, that will surely result in the bad things that happens when you don’t have healthy boundaries and start in the blind obedience to demons trend even if you actually think you are a secular athiest, all the worse for you cause you have no idea where you went wrong.

Thirdly, at the end of this, I literally drove myself insane getting into someone else’s mind. Yeah, the occult is powerful. People who can barely notice anything during a full out evocation can eventually progress to downright shamanic insanity even if they otherwise never experienced such symptoms, it comes down to obsession, desperation, certain entities and techniques. Also, it isn’t fun like some LSD trip, this is a bad trip people, a really bad trip. (but yeah, I did get into the mind, and got him back but oh man, all the crap is still there, just trying to lessen its hold upon him.)