Getting rid of bad stuff and giving it to another

I don’t have much experience with magic, but I can FEEL that this can be done. I’d like to eliminate stuff from me - like for example body fat and will it to go to someone else. Can anyone give me a safe, simple way to go about this?

PS: the reason I am asking for safe and simple is because I love the GoM work… it simply WORKS :slight_smile:

I could see this working with an energy that causes condition, especially if the energy is coming from a thoughtform or parasite that can be relocated.

It would be a two-step process I think, one to remove it from the first person, and another to attach it to the target.

I can’t see it working with the physical condition itself though, that is set in the physical body and there are established rules about how the physical works that make this very hard. Rather introduce an energetic condition that causes weight loss as a symptom.

So for example, if the fat is due to comfort eating, work on healing the need to comfort eat so controlling diet is easier, and work on inducing that somehow in the target.

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I don’t have much fat to lose, in that sense it’s not an issue for me, but I would like someone to get exceedingly fat… Sorry if this is offensive to anyone. The thing is, I don’t really want that, I KNOW it could happen just by the force of my will somehow and was looking for some entity to help. The person already has started gaining weight. :wink:
Thank you so much for your answer but I have no clue what a parasite is. I do get what you are saying though :slight_smile:
It is the “somehow” you are mentioning that I was looking for

You can use the search function here to get a lot of info on parasites.

By ‘somehow’, I mean there are multiple reasons for weight gain, from addiction to carbs to allergies to hypothyroidism, sudden change to a less active lifestyle, metabolic damage or depression. Pick one or more and induce it.

As far as entities go, the higher daemons are always trying to get people to strengthen their vessels as part of ascension, so maybe don’t ask them.
Go for a djinn or some earth based lesser entity focused on gluttony - you might have to go hunting for one in the astral, or look through christian texts - they made gluttony a sin so there’s probably a demon for it in more than one JCI religion.

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I am not a professional by my own view, but nor am I unfamiliar with magic and entities. What I do know is this, for every positove and negative, there is a symbolism amd an entity. You don’t have to search far, but you do need to keep yourself protected. As mentioned above, there are those who seek strengthening their vessels. Thats an entirely different matter, and not one I personally recommend. There are, however, others that would be more than willing to help. I would recommend doing some research to find your safest route, and most compatible entity.

Now it is also entirely possible to take all the negative energies someone has put on you and your life, and send it back mixed with some of your own. But that requires both will and desire. And a lot of it. No candles are needed nor any ingredients, just a strong mental image of the person and what you want to see happen, as well as topping off your emotions, i find the bigger the emotion, the bigger the desire, and the stronger the cast. But that is me personally and can not gauruntee it will be effective with you. Being a Cancer, I heavily rely on my emotions to fuel everything I do magically.


I think what you are asking for is quite complicated. Far easier to use a banishing ritual to rid yourself of what you don’t want before projecting on to another.