Getting rid of a Nasty for a person who doesn't seem to care

Alright, my friend has had something following her for most of her life. This entity shows up occasionally and throws her life into a frenzy. It’s strong enough to manifest physically(including minor poltergeist), or she’s strong enough to cause these events and the entity is provoking it to happen. Either way working with her on this is more than likely going to be out of the question, as she has kind of grown “accustomed” to it’s intrusions. I.E. she doesn’t like it, but she doesn’t seem to want to change it, and nothing I say is really going to change that.

So here is my question. How can I get rid of it without her involvement, to a level that it won’t keep coming back do to her “complacency?” I mean, I know if I just banish it, it will go away and come right back to her after my attention is elsewhere, and she will do very little to fight it off.

Also I did some divination on this spirit(s), seems vampiric, and the stichomancy reading that came with it, said it “Tempts men to Evil”. I interpret that as it’s trying to make here lose her shit, dahmer style. and knowing her, I can see where that is a distinct possibility.

I could always use some big game to feed on, as a growing vampire myself.

Anyway, is thine friend a magus? If not, she can do approximately jack shit about whether or not you get involved. If she actively fights you over the entity, might wanna check her out on the astral- see if it put a bug in her head. If so, take it out. That’s what her complacency sounds like to me.

Yeah, banishing will probably do little. You can throw a servitor to keep it off constantly, but it could be time- and energy- consuming to feed it. Plus, if the entity(entities) is (are) strong enough to overcome it, then you just fed the dipshits.

It tempts men to evil, say ye? Invite it into yourself if you want a real fight. You can probably throw quite a bit more at it if both of you have your attentions focused on the engagement.

If it turns out you can’t handle it, go over to Healing and Self Defense and put it on the Guards thread. That’s what we do.

I’d recommend bringing some protection before engaging. Invoke Saint Michael for a nice barrier, but if you want to really shred the intruder, get a bigger and badder vampire to eat it. I’m sure most spirits (and other spiritually awakened humans) that are vampiric in nature would relish the chance for some directed game.

Good hunting, and try not to die. That’d be bad.


Yeah I heard this morning there might be something scraping around at the edges of my defenses, going to go on a bug hunt later tonight. Just be careful though, if you go looking for trouble you might find it, and I know there are things out there alot of magicians aren’t prepared to handle.

DEVILDOLL! Shit, I’m sorry. I meant to sacrifice that little guy tonight.

You can always evoke a spirit to get rid of it for your friend. I know Michael was mentioned in a previous post. You could always evoke him or a spirit who can banish this entity, set it on the task of keeping this entity out of your friend’s life and the problem should be solved without your friend knowing about it.