Getting revenge on a slanderer

Hi all, thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to any advice you want to offer, as I’m only just starting on this path.

The person I’m referring to is a very wealthy snob whose house my family rented (we are out now, thankfully). I’ll try to keep it brief as it would take far too long to list everything he’s done.

This man pretended to be a family friend for a number of years and gained our trust. When deciding to throw us out he was extremely nasty about it, lied to a number of people, went after us for every penny we had though he swims in money etc. All this after years of “friendship”.

Lately, again for money, he’s been throwing out more lies, and the more furious he gets the more absurd they become. By now I’ve amassed enough evidence to sue, but I don’t have the money, time or energy. Life is short and he has been renting space in my head for far too long.

I geuinely trusted this guy and so did my entire family. He’s defaming us with every chance he gets. He harassed me at the most difficult time in my entire life and almost drove me to suicide. I’ve just never met anyone like this. We told him things in confidence, as he seemed very supportive, just so he could turn around and use them against us later (all for money).

He is two-faced and can be a bully in private, but in public, especialy before authorities, he turns into this innocent elderly man with impeccable moral standards. Moreover, he is a spineless coward and chose to retaliate against a man by targeting his wife and young children. He also hides behind his wife’s skirt when anyone responds to his bullying (he uses her email address for the business and when any deserved reply arrives he claims people are victimising his poor elderly wife with abusive communications). Good tactic I must say.

He still won’t stop. He knows where I go at times (finds the information online) and shows up just to intimidate and let us know he is still chasing us. It’s fair enough if he thinks we still owe him money to chase us up legally. But he harasses, stalks and defames. He made it extremely personal.

What I have done so far is draw three sigils and hide them inside a wall on his property. There was a crack; I slipped a piece of paper in there and covered up with plaster. I also made a vinegar jar with his business card in it (two of his family members are also involved in his company and actions against us). He wrote a phone number in his own handwriting. I buried the jar in a forest right next to his land. Seems to be working as they are restless and the last time he stalked me in public he looked different (very angry and didn’t look well at all).

I truly want this guy humiliated and exposed for the lying rat that he is. He somewhow slipped past my “radar” (I normally know right away when there will be trouble down the line with someone I meet). His other family members didn’t (I could tell straight away there was a bad vibe).

The most important things to him are money and reputation. I want him to lose as much of the first as possible and all of the latter. I want him to end up like the people he looks down on.

So if anyone can suggest ways of doing that I would be very grateful.

Thank you again; sorry for the long post.


I apologise for the typos; I tried editing but was unable to do so. I also forgot to mention I want this guy to experience personal betrayal (provided that he’s even capable of experiencing loyalty in the first place).

He and two other family members work in cahoots and participate in all the dirty work as well (bullying, slandering etc). It would be great to turn them against each other so that they are too busy to inflict their venom on other people. They behave as if they were royalty or something (very condescending towards working class people and anyone they see as below them).

Sorry again for the long post.

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If you work with spirits, there is one goetic spirit that can cover all of that.
He can destroy reputations, expose liars, create financial losses, and make the scoundrel be loathed.
If you can get a copy of Demons of Magick, you have the full ritual in there. If you are more experienced, you can do a direct evocation with sigil. Raum can deliver what you are requesting.


Thank you so much. I will look for it.
I am not experienced and have never done things of that magnitude before. But the intention is all there.


Posting here was the best decision I could have made. It was meant to happen this way.

Reading about Raum, I realise he has been present in my life; I was just oblivious. I now understand the obsessive thought I’ve been having for months, “ask the raven for help”. I thought it was related to my familiar (long story there), but it’s obviously way deeper than that.

I can’t thank you enough.


My pleasure. That’s what we do here, help each other. If you have any questions, you can PM me.
Ah, the raven, yes. You may also notice them around you in nature. Spirits communicate in many ways.
Raum is a great spirit.


I probably haven’t been on the forum long enough to send PMs (and it’s understandable there would be some safeguards in the system). I now have access to the book and will read it entirely in the next few days, as time affords.

A couple of days ago I was overwhelmed with euphoria, while realising all this, and didn’t tell the whole story.

A few months ago I was struck by an accusation and was arrested for the first time ever. It was a nightmare. At the police station I asked for Lucifer’s help, for the very first time. I managed to keep a cool head, asked for a lawyer (a guy that actually cares showed up) and managed to do a whole “no comment” interview. He later said he was impressed by how well I’d done as most people crack and tell them things. Of course it was not all me as I had help. I was a basket case when I went in there and after asking for help I managed things just fine.

My deep connection with crows/ravens started before I was even arrested. So I suppose Raum was involved, even before I sought Lucifer’s help. “Random” things also happened that ended up helping me build my case later. I don’t believe in coincidences.

In the months following that day, I became almost obsessed with crows/ravens. I printed out pictures and placed them in the house; I made a small poster with the inscription “In domus corvi, serpentes interdicti sunt” (in the house of the crow, snakes are banned, in Latin). I can translate into Latin and felt an ancient language would be more powerful.

In that time and since, I’ve had visions of the people trying to take me down being attacked by a large flock of crows, or at least surrounded and intimidated. That includes the rat/snake I referred to above and everyone else coming against me and my family.

When I cannot explain something, even to myself, I go with the flow. The idea was that the crows would somehow intervene and protect us.

I was ignorant and didn’t know about Raum, but as soon as you told me and I did a bit of research, it all clicked. There isn’t much about him online but there will be in the book, and I can’t wait to start reading tomorrow.

I noticed a couple of testimonies online about the feeling people get when communicating with him, and I must say it was the same for me (still is), though I haven’t done the ritual yet. Just his name and reading a bit gave me an unbelieveble high (and I was 100% sober and not chemically influenced, so this was all natural). I felt love and joy and gratitude, and still do whenever I think of him.

I am still in that legal battle, with good enough chances and a superb lawyer, and just knowing I can ask him for help has eliminated all fear. I just know everything will be fine. To start with it was a David vs Goliath situation, which is right up his alley.

My issue with the rat/snake is also a David vs Goliath situation as he has so much money and we don’t.

I initially though it was Lucifer’s advice, but then I remembered my strong bond with crows began before I asked Lucifer for help (Lucifer did help me so much and I’ll always be grateful). I’m wearing his sigil as a pendant and would never take it off. I wear it publicly everywhere aside from my kids’ school, where I just hide it under clothes in order to avoid freaking people out (especially Christians).

Also, I forgot to add, I saw the raven in a dream when I was 15 or 16, as a protective entity. I never forgot though more than 15 years have gone by since. I woke up with an euphoric feeling; the dream was so complex and intense I wanted to write a book in the morning, but of course the details soon vanished. My love and gratitude for the raven never did and I remember to this day.

That is why I think Raum has been in my life for a long time and I just didn’t know it, out of ignorance. Reading about him was like adding the final piece of a puzzle and finding answers to questions long left unanswered.

So again, I can’t thank you enough.

Wow, that was a long post :slight_smile: .

Many thanks and joy be with you :slight_smile: .


Typos are not a sign of intellectual integrity. Just a, I’m busy, I hate this small screen and spellcheck, Samsung pos. :wink:
Charming in the streets but a monster behind closed doors? You are dealing with a narcissist. He probably saw that you’ve had painful things happen in the past, and enjoys its effect on you. Create, or summon/petition you’re most adored patron. Ask that he is far removed from you in all aspects. And anytime he even thinks upon you, all his joy all his power, is decimated.
Summoning a Dark Guardian to unwind his reality and taking every emotional pain you feel and writing it down and stuffing it in a poppet,
Gives the guardian his scent, signature and the feelings you want to RIP him apart, or haunt him after they’ve been taken from you. It’s worked for me before. Hope you find resolve and the respect you deserve sooner than later.


Thank you. I can certainly do that and I have his own handwriting (his signature) on certain papers.

I’ve also come to the conclusion this man must be a narcissist. He’s certainly a megalomaniac. He owns a bungalow an calls it “the mansion” just to make it look more impressive on his address. He treats average workers like crap, though he is from a working class background.

And definitely whines and throws himself on the floor like a possum claiming to be struck by the malice of others.

You don’t deal with a fly by asking it to go away. It never will. You swat it. :slight_smile:


Wow, that is amazing. Raum could very well be your guardian demon. It seems his protection has been with you for a long time.
It does happen that in times of duress, they just take over and somehow you are verbalizing normally, when the real you would be losing their shit. It’s freaky and damn amazing at the same time.

Yeah, Lucifer is always there. Hangs around, makes sure we are ok, and always progressing. Not enough words to describe the magnitude of what he brings to the table when you work with him.

I’m glad you are feeling confident, and hope everything works out in your favour. Stay strong, your spirit family will support you.


Thank you so much for the kind words.

Yes, I feel they are both with me and have helped me enormously, and that they will continue to do so, hence I have no fear.

I do believe Raum is a guardian as so many things in his expertise simply ply on the way I’ve lived my life (I’ve taken on David vs Goliath fights quite a few times… and normally won; can’t remember every single result).

Why do they call him evil in the first place?

His whole endeavour seems to be bringig justice to the disadvantaged, like Robin Hood times 1000. Earthly justice is no justice at all; it is skewed towards the rich and powerful, as it always has been.

He is the one who avenges the disadvantaged. He is wonderful. He has my love, my gratitude and appreciation, always. No matter what happens to me in particular.

But I do believe he will come through for me and things will be fine. Even if that failed to happen, I would still feel the same about what he does. :slight_smile:


I’m currently doing battle with an evil institution. I think I’ll ask Raum to help me get results (the mortal-realm methods aren’t working).


Evoke Agares or Raum to remove his dignities, titles and esteems.

Focus on the removal of his reputation and for people to turn on him with slander and lies about him…

I worked with Agares with this result in mind and it is working very well

Andromalius will punish evil doers so he is also an additional choice


With a big institution, you may wish to layer a few spirits on your side.
Yes, Raum is good. If it’s a legal issue, Belial is all over that. To punish ppl who take from you, Andromalius. Build yourself a small army and kick ass. These are fantastic spirits to work with.


Also, maybe folks like you and I were brought here to find a complete burning of our fear of what people think. Perhaps a complete death of self that starts as insecure fear, becomes sadness, then panic, downgrading to a slight annoyance, then we laugh and enjoy the energy they wasted and are never going to get back again? I’ve found more angst and whatever with almost any idea or input more than not here, there and everywhere since my deal with Abaddon. I wonder if it’s because I needed to get past needing to feel validated or give a shit what defines sane in an insane and unfit world. Then a few amazing people here come a the right time and bibpoty-bobbity-boop, and you have the aha moments. Maybe we have the defaming Shit birds are an offering to us? BUT what do I know, according to some, I’m just a divorcee with cats and a couple alien/demon friends I hallucinated with a real inability to text. Lol


Excellent idea. There’s a dark moon tomorrow…maybe I’ll ask Lilith for help, too. :smiling_imp:


Thank you. I am reading the book just now and yes, it’s amazing how many areas of expertise demons have. I was unsure about asking for help from more than one for roughly the same issue, but within this plot there are many sub-plots and individuals so it makes sense.

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Yes, I agree, nothing is coincidental. Maybe it was a push in the right direction, although through suffering. I suppose if there were no immediate danger I might want to put it behind me, but in my case there is. Though even lacking that… it does feel awful not to respond while they feel great about being able to throw horse dung anytime they want to.

I’ve been through hell and back and would honestly just love a pucture, his name and birthday sent to me :slight_smile: I’ll send you my violent ex narcissist stuff, and we can both work on the baneful stuff we can’t find for our own, but can redirect.
Belial’s version of Horrible Bosses? Lol


People should never mistake silence for weakness. To know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.
Let them think they got you where they want you.
Secretly you are gearing up for a takedown. That’s when this works the best.
Believe me, those who threatened me and my family thought they had an easy, soft target. Bullying, threats against my elderly parents. You would not believe the scum I have been dealing with. However, I had to keep my cool, not clue them in any way that I practice magick. Keep looking harmless, that way they could never fathom needing to defend them selves against magick. When ppl know, they can put up defenses or get help from someone.
You will get your justice.