Getting Revenge on a pusscake needed

There’s someone that hurt me years ago and I haven’t talked to them since that day. Last I heard they were still going to our church. Typical church hypocrite going “for Jesus” yet acting like a prick for no reason when I didn’t deserve it.

They said they’re deathly afraid of frogs so maybe I can take a bucket of frogs and dump them at them to humiliate them somehow? They would need to look tough around their friends so I can’t show up without a plan or else I’ll just be seeing the prick who hurt me every day and suffering all over again.

Not sure how I could pull this off because 1) How can I insert myself back in their life or in the lives of the people around them and make it seem natural, and 2) What kind of frogs would work for something like this? They would need to be docile and easy to get along with. Maybe poisonous too. XD Probably not since that could backfire against me but if you have ideas I’d like to hear them. I hear that people can get high off of smelling the scents of the hides of certain kinds of toads so maybe their church people can mistake them for a druggie too? The more things to ruin them the better.

They were very rude when all I did was ask them a question and I want to bring their punkass down and show them they’re not as tough as they think they are so what spirits could:

  1. Bring them near me so I can keep an eye on them for a while. It’s been years since I’ve seen them last so I don’t know for sure what they’re doing these days.
  2. Let me influence their circle of friends to be around them and stay close around this person. I couldn’t make friends growing up so social skills and appealing to people is important.
  3. Teach me how to care for the right kinds of frogs.
  4. Ensure my revenge is carried out.

The revenge doesn’t necessarily have to be carried out at the church building itself, but since I wasn’t involved with them too much the church was the only consistent place I saw them repeatedly so the church would be at least mildly important for all this but it doesn’t have to take place there.

Use that kind of frog.


Serious answers only please.

Try any demon

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My serious answer is going to question something…

What did they do all those years ago to make you want to do this?

Example…In my case I had the people I did shit against actually try to physically kill me and one magically try. They warranted what they got.

If you could elaborate a little more it might make more sense on what you are asking.


Appeal to the fae they’re brutal entities.

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IMO there’s a balance to what they did, the shit you hand out to them and who you ask to aid you in getting your revenge.
It really depends on what they actually did.
There’s plenty of options where you don’t physically have to be involved in carrying out the act out yourself.

A little more information would help…plus what did those frogs do to deserve being used :wink::frog:

Honest opinion…

I also think to of held on to it this issue for so long may impact the results you desire, it may only provide a short lived Benefit for you, Be clear on your intentions and be ready to move on after dishing out your revenge.

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Sort of Update (?):

I went to a birthday party today. After the birthday person had their cake and ice cream I noticed something on the counter. At first I thought it was meat or chocolate. Guess what it was?

A small spotted baby frog. Like very tiny.

Maybe it was because the host went grocery shopping for the party and maybe the frog got caught up in the fruits? Maybe because it’s always summer year round? I don’t know. Is this a sign???