Getting results by just thinking about doing the Ritual and asking for help?

This has happened to me a couple of times now. Where I’ll read about a Daemon or in this case working with a Daemon & Angels to increase skill per Henry Archer’s Book, “The Magick of Angels & Demons” with Veshariah and Asmodai. I have reading and thinking about doing it and I have already seen a big increase in my Skill almost over night, new insights and epiphanies. Now I did ask for all of the beings I work with to help but I do that all of the time. But I saw big jump in my results after just contemplating doing this.

Is this a sign I should do it?
Have I already some how done it?
Do I still need to do it?

I thanked them already as I felt they were already helping me.

I also wonder why I’m getting this help now contemplating this when the Daemons I have already worked with and have helped me so much have not helped me before.

Do we always need to be working with new Daemon & Angels?

Thanks in advance for any insights or experiences you might share.

I think there’s at least one of a few things going on when this happens

-knowledge is simply far easier for a demon to impart quickly to someone, especially if that person already has some psychic abilities developed.

-some demons, like Asmoday, do not get asked to impart knowledge anywhere near as often as they are petitioned for things they are far better known for, like love or lust in his case. So long as a mage is respectful, demons like this seem to be pretty keen on working with those who desire knowledge above all else.

-sometimes it’s just how a demon and human click together. Some get along, some don’t, some are indifferent to one another, some adore one another, etc.

-parasites can latch on sometimes, but this seems to be far less common when someone is seeking knowledge.

If it were me, I would take that as a sign of yes. Provided there is some early assurance that the spirit is real, not an imposter, my experiences at least with demons having a strong and immediate connection has consistently been a sign that it will be a significant relationship in some way.

Not necessarily. Some will want to be closer, others will be more distant. I think it’s best to work with new entities whenever you feel the time is right.

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Thank you for the info.

Be Blessed.

Vassago is like this for me. Sometimes he finishes my sentences by answering questions before I can get all the words out. He knows what I want beore I ask. He can read my mind.

Making a pact seemed to amplify this and really ramp it up. Because I have welcomed him into my mind and body to stay. It’s as though we are one and I don’t have to perform a ritual, even though I often choose to still do so. I see results so fast now. Almost immediately.


Interesting. I was reading about him years ago when I first start studying about Daemons and I felt him give me a message about a family member working against me or trying to hold me back. I have not worked with him much but I like him. And he seemed to come to me just by reading about him, I think that was my first experience like I have mentioned.

Be Blessed.

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He is considered to be a very good demon to work with in the beginning.

I’m forever thankful he was sent to work with me. He is very generous as long as you treat him with the respect he is owed. Do not make an offering to him unless he asks though because then he can be a trickster. And if you ask for truth and receive a message from it, believe it, he does not abide being taken for granted or being disbelieved.