Getting possessed by a demon

What are the positive and the negative of being possessed by a demon and how can it get done?

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Just trying to gage your intentions here :thinking:

Are you simply asking for yourself or planning mischief?

I am asking for myself

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Please.use the search function. This gets asked a lot and there are good answers out there already.


I’ll respond.

One positive thing that can happen when a demon ( or other spirit) possesses you is that they can imbue you, or gift you with abilities you never had before.

I’ll give you an example. I was possessed by azazel briefly. Before that happened I had absolutely no artistic ability. After I experienced him I had knowledge of paints and stones (semi precious) for bracelet making . I still may not be van gogh but I’m a 100 times what I was before. With the bracelets I turned it into a successful for profit business.

So that’s something I consider very positive.

Negative aspects of possession. Depending on the spirit in question you could develop negative or problem personality traits ect that come from the spirit.

These are just some basics. Other members will have other ideas too.

Possession is usually consensual in nature though not always.

I look at the abilitites like this. The spirit opened or unlocked a door in my mind that held this faculty. Like a hidden art skill it talent I didn’t know I had. The spirit opened this up for me.