Getting poked by a spirit

Alright I started this thread to get some experiences from everyone on the subject of getting poked or nudged by a spirit. I mean in the unsolicited sense. Like your minding your own business and poof a spirit reaches out to you.

I’ll start. This has happened to me frequently over the last 3 years kind of a creepy bit of synchronity. I’ll be somewhere typically like my porch and I’ve got my cats with me and out of the ether comes a toad or a frog. I get that creepy " a spirit is here watching me vibe".

Now I was puzzled for a time who could it be. But let’s take a look at the elements. You’ve got a man…me. a cat , my cat, and a toad…


It took me a long time to figure this out.( I never claimed to be the brightest magickal bulb in the box). After some divination work and directly asking my Patron Prince Orobas, I determined that THE great King Bael has been poking me for some time.
Has anyone else ever been poked or nudge in a strange way by the spirits? I’m going to find out what he wants to talk about this weekend directly by way of evocation. This is a spirit who I need to make a relationship with as part of my plans for moving my self and practice forward.

I asked my last teacher once " does this path ever become less strange" he said " God no!"

Look forward to hearing your strange experiences as well thx.


That is so totally awesome. Baal is mega :heart_eyes:

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I get signs and synchronicities.
Azazel was just constantly running into the name, before I was in the occult and as I was talking a break from pagan practices.

The Morrighan booped me with gorgeous butterflies.

Samael just popped into my head and said he’d teach me a thing about a parasite issue I was having, then stayed for the duration.


Samael is an awesome spirit to have a relationship with. I’m frankly


I’m excited to meet him later today. I have many gifts prepared to receive him with great honor.

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It only get weirder! Hang tight! Also… I get chills in my brain sometime.

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