Getting over blocks and connecting to God & Jesus

Besides going to church and getting in the bible whats the best ways to connect with God & Jesus… I hv spiritual enemies who send psychic attack and Ive noticed tht my connection to God, Jesus, and spirit has been diminished greatly. Im now getting more interested or pulled to demonic things like spirit keeping, spells, pacts, learning abt gotia demons and more.

Such a pull can you bring you closer to ‘God’ or Jesus or whatever your interpretation is. Demons, Angels, Heaven, Hell they are the same just two sides of the same coin and work in synergy. You cannot understand one without understanding the other and the power to command one is the power to command the other. More so though focus on your own mind and soul. Build up your focus and power and skill and find your connection to the universe is what God or Jesus really is.


Read five psalms a day for the current day of the month, as well as a proverb.
So for today, the 12th, would be Pslams 56-60, and Proversbs 12.
Read the book of Mark or Acts, one chapter every two days.
Reflect on them
Read it aloud.
Get into praying.

This is how you connect to them.

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