Getting others to ignore my target

Any ideas of how to get others, who are close to my target in his life, to simply not acknowledge him (when they otherwise would)?

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Hmm, well I did (awhile back so my memory might not be 100% correct) hear someone mention that Belial is Handy with keeping things hidden from view, like for instance keeping your practice hidden from others. I could see this possibly being useful for putting the same effect on your target as to kinda “hide” them from others views - or something similar.

I think it’s Bael you’re thinking of :slight_smile: he is good at concealment.

There is a ritual to “make somebody unpopular” in the book Practical Djinn Magick by Corwin Hargrove, that might help.

Belial could also help destroy his reputation, to make people ignore him, and I’m certain there are other demons who do similar things.


Ah, well the names are very similar – probably why I mixed them up. I don’t know much about Bael either.

Thanks, all.