Getting my dog back

Hello all.

A few years ago i had to give my dog away because we couldn’t take care of him but now we can. We know who has it so does anyone know how we can get it back ? A demon of mind manipulation ?

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I take it you know who has your dog, right? If so, then I suggest you explain to King Paimon what happened and see if he can help you out.

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Have you asked the people you gave the doggo to if you could have him back?


Try some Demons , try some Archangels , see what happens

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No but i highly doubt they would give him back because whenever we ask about him they always say he is doing very good.

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That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be willing to return him. In my opinion, you should ask first, before resorting to siccing a demon on them. You can have a spirit like King Paimon on stand by, or even ask him to help make you persuasive, but you need to communicate with the people on the human level. That should always be step number 1.


Would it also be good to make something happen where they have to give him up ?

No. Why punish them, or make them feel bad? They have done nothing wrong. According to you, they have treated the doggo well, so there is no need to “cause something to happen” to force them to give up a pet they have had for a few years now, and that has most likely become a part of the family.

If I was in your position, my steps would be:

1: Let the people know that I am now capable of looking after the doggo, and would like him returned.

2: I would do a communication spell with the doggo, and find out his thoughts on the matter. If he is happy in his current home, then I would seriously reconsider taking him away from that (you could also contact a god or goddess of animals and have them visit the doggo and find out for you).

2: If the doggo is agreeable, but the humans show resistance (and they most likely would after having the pet for a few years), then I would call upon a spirit like King Paimon to manipulate them into agreement.

I want to reiterate that if the doggo doesn’t want to leave, and is happy where he is, I would not follow through because it would be incredibly selfish to tear him away from his home for no good reason. Doggo might not understand why, especially if he was just a pupper when you had to give him up. You could be taking him from the only home he has ever known.

Ultimately, it is your decision though.


Indeed! #blackmagiciansarenotassholes

however if you did need to resort to summoning a demon I would suggest Belial as technically that would be your familiar and he is a granter of such, as well as a spirit of manipulation.


This is important to remember. If the dog is happy where he is, then I would consider getting a new dog who will bond with you.


Darkestknight u wisdom is impresive, not left, not,not rgt. Just the neutral. Not judgment. Sugar coat, clear, and giving optcions.


Get a new dog that’s in a shelter at risk of being euthenised, and that way you don’t have to risk magick backfiring on you, won’t break their hearts taking the dog, and also won’t risk hurting the dog as well.

Two happy dogs in two loving homes beats any other solution I can see here. Just being honest.