Getting my career

So my family has no faith in me whatsoever, I always proved them wrong with things but it never works, and I really really really want this job as a tattoo artist, and by reading @LuciusOfficial on his story where he contacted belial and he asked him to help him with his music career, since I saw that I was wondering…since I’m looking for a demon to help me with getting this career cause it’s something I really want…would belial perhaps be of help?

Plus I keep hearing in my head “belial belial belial” so I mean it sounds like he’s calling out to me

But does he usually help with success in a profession? Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I’m asking cause I wanna make sure belial repeated in my head isn’t my imagination

Wait no I read that wrong in the story I don’t think it was a career he helped him with but it has to do with music I remember


I would go with Ant’harratu, or Clauneck for a business, but Belial can do a lot so why not?

On the human side, have a great portfolio that shows you’re able to draw and shade accurately and fast. They might ask you to draw something in front of them maybe, and drawing skills can get rusty too, so it would be good to practice and get warmed up before any interviews. They often do apprenticeships first to get you up to speed with the skills. Having an art qualification of any kind would help, even if only to show that you are interested in drawing.

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Not to derail this thread, but can Belial bring you a job? I just recently had a big fight with my mom and got kicked out. (I know my fault) but is belial good to contact for bringing a job to me?

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This is the exact thing happening to me

I’m also sure I can always ask him

Not as generally reported, no.

Ant’harratu of the book of Azazel is the one I call, and I got my friend a good salaried job and she gave up her 3 part time jobs and bought the perfect house, which he also helped her with. That’s why I mention him every time someone asks this question.

I work with Belial, but on breaking habits, chains and on magickal protections and security, not job stuff.

But if you search Belial and job or career maybe someone will have posted something about him doing that :thinking: