Getting my bank account unblocked

I am trying to get my bank account unblocked but there is a problem.

I asked King Belial to help me get my bank account unblocked and he told me ok . I asked him if I need my social security number and he told me no just my ids. So I went and j forgot my city Id so the lady working at the bank couldn’t tell me much .

I got both of my ids today and the guy working there told me I need a police report to open the account back . So the problem I have it that I might have a warrant out because I jumped the turnstile and got a $100 fine . What goetic demon can help me throughout the whole situation ?

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Also I don’t want to pay the $15 fee to the bank .

I just re watched EA Koetting talk about the 9 demonic kings and King Belial is perfect for me . Why didn’t this work ? I asked him if he wanted something in return he said no . I asked can I give you public praise and he said yes

You won’t like my answer - magick can not solve everything in the mundane world. It is complementary and you honestly have to meet it half way.

If you don’t pay for things, or break the law thinking that magick will fix it for you or give you special dispensation to do what you want; well this is your lesson. It won’t.

It’s like the person who blows their salary a week after pay day and then does a ritual in the hope that money will come, and often it doesn’t. It needs time to work and you need to work with it.

Make a list of what you need to fix and work through it in order in the mundane world AND complement with magick to make the process easier.


I asked him to reduce the fee or make them not charge me at all

So what should I do ?

You need to make a decision.

1 your credit rating matters - magick does not fix that
2 you need a bank account - magick does not fix that
3 limit access to your account and use it responsibly - magick doesn’t do that but it can improve your self discipline
4 decide which fights are worth fighting and which ones you need to walk away from otherwise you will be bogged down with every single bank charge that comes along.
5 understand why exactly this happened and stop it happening again - in this case it may be a mix of bank, you and magick.

Get thee an education and learn how to deal with money.


Is this in America? Usually how this works, if you have no record other than minor offenses, is you will have to go to court on the warrant for the turnstile skip. If you agree to pay the fine on the spot the judge will very likely dismiss it. That is where I would be asking King Belial for help.

Bank account wise, You could ask Forneus (for the legal aspect) or Foras (for the business resolution aspect) to help.


Can I ask them to somehow someway get my account unblocked ? Like make the bank forgive the debt and let me off the hook ?


Are we talking about the $15 fee you mentioned above? I mean, maybe they would help, maybe they would be insulted you are evoking them over $15. Honestly, an evocation to fix the problem sounds like more work than just paying them. Bankers will take a house from their own mothers, so you better pack a punch with your ritual to get them to waive a fee.


A check bounced and now my account is in the -$3,000+ and I want them to waiver that