Getting money to by nice property for by to let

Hi I was wondering if I could get money to buy a house 4 bedroom house.

My plan is to buy a nice house. I want to rent out the bedrooms in the house I buy

Something like putting down 0 deposit for a mortgage.

The bank giving me like 10 million for a mortgage ignoring my bad credit and them giving me low interest repayment rates.

Making money from reliable renters.

Do you thing this is a bit too far out?

What demons would be best suited for this, could they help me get a big mortgage?

The only limit is your mind. If you think its impossible, it will be for you.

Your objective is big (which is a good thing) but you might be discouraged to know that you will have to work for it and make sacrifices for it. Most people think that money will just appear in their living room after doing a spell. You have to work for it. Spells, demons, angels, spirits…etc facilitate the result, they “boost” your results or give you unexpected things, but you have to work for it.

I have worked with Seere in terms of money. He is awesome for beginners and works bast. I’ve heard that Clauneck is a good option too. Anyways, you should do your own research and see which spirit is best for you.


How much magical experience do you have and what rituals have you performed in past? Did you create your own rituals and were they successful?

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