Getting magic books from the library?

question is have any of you gotten any magic books from the library so you could fully check them out first before buying them. or if you were broke and wanted to get the knowledge to study specific magical arts ?

I was in the library recently to print somet Hong and was told thwy will send for any book theu don’t have.

I live in a smaller toen in western ma and the librarian is like 70 years old i dont know how good of an idea it would be for me to request the rites of lucifer to her lol or draconian rituals. which is something I would like to read and check out.

lol I can just imagine her freaking out if i asked or if i requested it online I could see here havong a heart attack or something.

she looks like one of those good old Christian lady’s. … you know what I mean.

I kind of just want to do it to get what i want as well as see her reaction haha.

I don’t however want her running around town telling everyone who I am and what im into since she has my name and info.

any advice or experience with this?


Do it anyway. Or look for a free pdf version of the book.

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Not sure how librarys cooperste where you are from but in Sweden we aswell can usually have libraries send books to each other If its requested.
Question then is if any library got the titles you are after.

cant find the free pdf for the book I want unfortunately

they are the same way in the US
But if they dont have it they will get it and buy it from what I was told
I might just try to go to the next town and get it

Hell yes that’s how I started when I was like 12! Just say you’re learning about how the enemy deceives us or writing a paper for school.


yea I was thinking of saying its for research. that should work thanks

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She won’t run around telling anyone who you are. But she will probably tell you that the “Devil” has deceived you and she will pray for you, maybe even she might give you a present a cross necklace lol

lol probably

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I would just say I am going to blow up the earth. Say thank you and walk away Haha


Most librarians don’t care what you read, they just like the fact that you DO read, especially in this day and age. lol

I would be willing to bet she wouldn’t even blink an eye if you requested the Rites of Lucifer or Draconian Rituals. There’s always a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to order it for the library, but that doesn’t mean she won’t at least try. I don’t think there is any harm in asking.

I have read many occult books from the library, and some of them were quite intriguing and helped inform my way of looking at the multiverse. My favourite was one called SuperNature.


the library is a piece of shit only has secular science books and a limited classic fiction collection its basically just young adult novels and mystery books at least mine is…

you can get a copy of the hunger games and the latest James Paterson novel but thats it maybe a book on earth science or chemistry… nothing else…

Then try Scribd and search through “documents” only.


Thanks for the info.

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I want an old school library filled with ancient leather-bound books like the Harry Potter Hogwarts library now if I could find a place like that


I can’t speak for this librarian since I don’t know her. As a whole librarians are an open minded bunch.

The librarian code of ethics supports free exchange of all ideas, and privacy of the individual.

Do you know that public libraries in the US always wipe clean any record of the books and other stuff people check out precisely because they don’t want to have to comply with a government subpoena. This became part of American Library standards in 1975 after the Watergate scandal because the Nixon white house wanted to look at the library reading habits of the reporters from the Washington Post.

Then the librarians fought to legally keep that ability after 9/11 so American libraries are exempted from keeping any tracking data on who or what people check out of the library because librarians did not want to have the ability to spying other American citizens reading habits.


Yes when I was about 14 I got my first book on Aleister Crowley - librarian looked at me asked if I had any idea what it was about, said yes and then handed it to me.

They do have them, might need to order copies in.


I had no clue thanks for the info

You do have to pay $10 a month to access more than 3 things on Scribd. And, yes, these days Scribd does charge to read current books, however, A Sneak: People scan books and place them in the document section, which are free and downloadable.