Getting lost

ive had a scan done and she said theres a little girl and a spotlight and shes getting from this that im getting lost or i cant find a path which is true
is there anything that can help me

should i meditate ?

Meditation is usually the first thing my guides want me to do, and usually the last thing I end up doing, which must really piss them off lol

So yeah, cut to the chase and meditate on it, see if anything comes up.

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could i pm you i have a question

How does someone contact spirit guides

something actully just scratched my stomach

You could also try the runstave Vegvisir. It’s purpose is to guide the way.

In German today ‘way’ is still ‘weg’, pronounced ‘veg’. Visir has a common route with visibility, so kind of like, 'way shower".

Write this on a piece of paper - while focusing on what it will do for you - and keep it with you for inspiration on what path you want to take.


so basiclly like a sigil right wait for it to dissapear cani do this at any time?