Getting kicked out

My mom is gonna kick me out because I can’t stop using drugs but I’m wondering if anyone could help me out or guide me to any specific deities or rituals to keep myself sustained. Also my depression is keeping me from just getting a job so I’m trying to write a book or something but soon I probably won’t even have a home. Please help guide me.


The spirits might make you cut that.

Otherwise summon Belial and King Paimon


I too have had my fights with depression. It’s been a constant battle at times. My wife has a worse go of it than I do, so I can relate to how crippling it can be. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this, I hope things get better soon.

I’m not a healthcare professional, but I would think that the depression might be what is fueling some of the drug issues too. I know for a time I was having a real bad time with alcohol. When I started treating my depression with therapy and meds it sort of worked the alcohol issues out too. But that’s just my experience. The misuse of alcohol for me was ultimately just a “symptom” of the depression. Just a thought if you chose to not have the drugs in your life like they currently are.


Look up a crisis service center in your area and ask them to direct you too a free place that can help counsel you into getting off the drugs, I wouldn’t relying on magic as it takes time, in your situation I would tell your mom your ready to get help, and ask her to call with you, and you go get it. A detox center something, that free offering by your state or county. If you live in the usa .


I’m going to be completely honest here, as there’s no benefit to lying. This entire situation smacks of mental weakness: it’s depression and addiction, not paralysis and a big bloke forcing you to consume the drugs. You need to seize control of your own life.
You should work with spirits to improve your mental strength and help you ignore the effects of addiction and depression. Once you address the issues in your life, the depression will likely start to fade.


May I ask what kind of drugs you’re using?

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You just need your ass whipped.
It’s called Whipping Therapy and this cures Addiction and Depression at the same time. It’s way cheaper than going to a shrink.

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Stop using LSD and such. it doesn’t make you any stronger. It actually makes you weak. Time to gain control of your life. Evolve like those Pokemon of yours and become a stronger YOU.

Do it now.

Focus on taking care of your drug problem first. Then I would reccomend either getting into therapy or seeing a doctor about your depression. Once you have the drug use and depression in check, I would get a job if I were you.