Getting into the occult

So i have begun the pathworking of the gatekeepers. I had put off starting until i was at a point where i could more regularly do rituals and evocations. They seem insistent that i pursue a career in the occult field and when i asked them how they pointed me here and told me to ask it. How does one get into the occult field? I really dont have any great gnosis or ideas for a book so i cant really try getting published through balg. And to make things worse im in a very christian part of Tennessee so that limits the community. Any advice would be apreciated and welcomed.

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You can get degrees in occult studies. Some people open up shops or turn their knowledge into a business of some kind. I used to cleanse/bless houses,offer healing services,and take on sorcery apprentices.


I like that idea of a shop for sure, There is definitely a market for a real one at least. What areas of the occult interest you the most?

Honestly all of it. I would love to get published but dont have a topic to right about that hasnt been done before. I love the magick side and want to immerse myself in it all the time. There are a few good shops around me so its not quite a need for my area. I guess i could try the spell for hire type stuff…

Just because a topic has been done does not mean that there is not something of value that can be added. For example, there are books upon books about the tarot. However, I can only think of maybe three that completely devoted to using tarot in magic. That means there is more of a chance of customers buying your book as there is a scarcity of that topic being applied in that particular way. Quite a bit of the market (at least in the book aspect) seems to be moving beyond just the general beginner books and more into specialized topics. But that’s just what I have been observing as a customer. Keep that in mind my friend :slight_smile:

I dont really have anything new to add is the problem. Sure a ritual here or there that im given and told what it does but the only thing close to new info to add that I’ve experienced i dont remember how it happened i just remember the outcome.

Ah I see. Well, maybe doing the ritual for hire may bring yourself an idea of something to write about later on?

Edit: you could blog or start a journal here to record ritual experiences here as a form of practice

I might… It would make it more visible i guess as well as on the off chance i get on to an idea that could be written about im sure someone from balg skims the site which could get me a publisher…

Opening up an occult shop is probably going to be much more difficult than you may expect, even with magick helping you out. There’s already a lot of competition, and competition from other magickal people no less, so you won’t have much of an edge there. The start-up costs are also pretty high, as you’ll need to invest in a lot of inventory that will likely not sell very quickly, some not even at all. It obviously can be done, but you’ll need to think about it in strictly business terms, not as your personal shop that just magically spews out money.

Those who make a livable income in this field seem to mostly rely on services, rather than goods. In all honesty, if you are interested in owning a shop of some kind I would look into something similar, yet more reliably profitable, while offering occult services on the side. Something like a restaurant or fashion shop, which have much broader markets to serve than an occult store. You could still profit from your magickal abilities, but you won’t have to rely on them for your entire livelihood.

That’s just my advice anyways, and someone who’s actually a professional magician would offer you a different perspective. I put a lot of time and energy into improving my magickal craft, but I prefer to keep it as something that is enjoyable and valuable unto itself, and something that can enhance everything else that I do, rather than a means to financial stability itself (though it certainly empowers my career efforts). Again though, that is just my perspective, and there certainly are other viable paths through life.

If you are looking to improve your services, this would be a good place to hang around. There are new people joining every day, many with no prior magickal experience, and many are lost as to how to get started. Many also post about a problem they are experiencing or a question that they have, and these would be good opportunities for you to learn prior to charging for your services. If you’re smart about it, you could also start building a brand, once you are ready.

I’d also like to add that you should not base your entire career off of what a spirit tells you to do. You are in charge of your life, not the spirits. If this is something that you would genuinely enjoy doing and would bring you fulfillment on a deep level, then by all means follow your passions, but just make sure that you’re building a career that satisfies you, rather than one that feels like an obligation or the “safe” or more socially acceptable option.

I also don’t mean to unfairly gatekeep you, but if you are without gnosis or experience, then I don’t think you’re quite ready to be a professional in this field as of yet. Having a mystical understanding of reality is essential for guiding other seekers along these paths, and personal experience using magick in different situations, both mystical and practical, will enable you to give good advice. This is why I only speak about topics I have experience in, and readily make any gaps in my experience known.

Wherever you choose to go, I wish you fortune.

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Well by gnosis i meant anything new. I have a decent knowledge pool and when im unsure i pop up on here for a new perspective or to learn a new path. They told me to look into im working with them to build the life i want and that life would have me working something with more flexible hours and no real boss. I would avoid the stores because im not the best accountant and its not something i want to do. It consumes your entire life for about the first decade. I do think services might be a valid thing to do because i am damn accurate with tarot and am always expanding my knowledge of paths and magick systems. Since ive been trying to hang around here more i mah pay more attention to new people and help them.