Getting into Hecate, suggestions?

So I’ve been feeling a calling to Hecate since reading some of Miller’s work and I was curious as to what would be a good way to find a connection to her, like an evocation, enn or altar? Good books to read? I’m not an Etsy witch and just keeping on reading about 3 headed dogs and crossroads I feel doesn’t bring me closer to her in any way.

On a side note I’ve also read about what I recall was a protection jar? With a bell and millions of types of dirt and herbs with the evocation of if I may call them that Hecate’s minions, anyone have any experience with that? the biggest blockage for me to performing rituals from his books is the introduction of (many) names I have never heard of and I now have to lend credibility to them and feel like they could give me a result?

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What’s funny is I asked Hecate to give me a sign the day before my job interfiew if I should ‘research’ her more and I also read 13 was her number and when I went for the job interview the visitor pass ended on ‘013’

Coincidence, right? :smirk:

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Are you only interested in Miller’s work in regards to Hecate or are you open to suggestions from everyone?

The Hekataeon by Jack Grayle
Liber Khthonia by Jeff Cullen

Depending on your approach to Hecate and how you perceive her, for me, my perspective is influenced the gnostic thought, Hecate then is the proto-deity having her throne at the center of the Chaos-Pleroma, from her womb everything emerges and eventually returns.
She is very saturnian and dark. This is the Hecate I know, quite different from Jason Miller’s Hecate and very close to Hecate Chthonia of Jack Grayle.
This Hecate would be similar to Kundalini SHAKTI, and the other smaller Hecate’s and epiphets would be the manifestation of SHAKTI as Kali, Durga, Parvati, Chinnamasta, Tara etc…

Cast the circle,
Charge it,
Open the Gates and call the four winds,
Call the Goddess,
Evocater within the circle, but no triangle, beware.
Invoke her inside you if you’re aiming for an initiation or some gnosis.

Please note that Hecate is a Goddess of many faces/paths.


You are probably already connected and the influence that led you to millers work may have been an invitation. Ime Hecate is more than engaging and very easy to contact and work with - too much so for me as I found her too pushy.

Yeah that seems all rather peripheral: at this point I’d say rely on your own connection and by all means read others UPG but don’t let it pollute your experience or doubt yourself. Evoke or invoke and ask all the questions. The answers will either pop into your head like a memor your forgot you had and don’t remember learning, or you will “synchronistically” stumble of the right info as you continue your life browsing and reading.

Don’t know about Hecate and minions, but “spirit houses” are for protection and sound like what this is. “Witch bottles” also sound similar but are for curses, voodoo sour jar style. Someone else in this thread (below) was talking about connecting the jar to helping spirits of some kind.

So you can put anything in these that is cool, basically. Medieval ones didn’t have anything shiny, they had wooden puzzles and toys etc - but I’d say modern ones stand a change of being really cool and you could fill it with dollar store geegaws easily. I’d say use something like a large gallon Mason jar, that’s the size of mine and the ones I saw in that museum.

For me, in this case I’d take the time to meet each one one by one, in journeying or evocation, and have that conversation. “Hi I’m me, who are you, are you up for this working?” sort of thing. Then if you get a negative response form any you can leave their name off the list, which seems reasonable and respectful to me.

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Oh no, everyone. I only got ‘aware’ of her more by Miller’s work.

I went on my own search (as you’re supposed to) and found (a very expensive) book: Queen of hell by Mark Alan Smith, has anyone here read that? Anyways I found a pdf so as long as there is no curse against thieves on it I count myself sorta lucky.

Thanks for making me google multiple words and yeah as I understand it she is ‘above’ Thaumiel, I need a practical introduction into Kaballah/the Qlipoth as it is all theory and so vague to me :joy:
I guess the deity knows she can get different masks with different persons, who all appeal to different people and thus reaching a larger audience

I’m not ‘advanced’ enough to perform a ritual that I just made up, or one like that because I’m prone to mistakes, funnily with easy things more often than difficult ones so I’m just going to perform one out of a book, probably.

Well I guess as a (demi)God who is not connected to God’s light she will take any energy she can get, as as I understand it she doesn’t recieve it directly so she will accept as many devotees/followers she can get. If you are useful, probably

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What is it with Hecate and expensive books? She the goddess of publishers?

I’ve never seen her take energy myself or heard of others reporting the same, so she is not generally vampiric or parasitic - do you mean attention?

Other than that I don’t work with this worldview so I would say no, not really… I don’t believe in “gods” at all, or that there’s such a thing as “god’s light”, whatever that’s supposed to mean, it sounds like JCI nonsense to me.

I do think she’s an egregore, created by humans for humans as the personification of magick, and in that case it makes sense that she exists to work with humans, it’s her very purpose and all she does.

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I have only worked with Hecate once. I used a personal pathworking to contact her and asked her to guide me to the underworld to meet the goddess Ereshkigal. She did so, but didn’t seem to like me much. She was very standoffish.

Anything by Jason Miler is a start.

There are many methods you can use if you want to contact Hecate

You can do a simple pathworking while listening to a frequency or subliminal of the Moon or Hecate herself. Visualize images of Hecate like black dogs, crossroads at night, the dark moon or waning moon, an ancient witches’ sabbath

That’s for starter. You can do invocation using incense. You don’t have to buy special Hecate incense on Etsy but I think that could be more effective. Hecate is associated with the moon so you can use incense from a plant that corresponds to the moon such as jasmine, orchid, or mugwort. You can try the invocation during the night-time and hour of the moon with all lights turned off.

Try pathworking meditations and invocations first then see what else works. You can receive ideas from Hecate using these methods

I personally don’t resonate with Hecate atm so I never bothered to work with her that much

Free texts are also available. Use google search. Advanced grimoires, courses and verified gnosis are not free. I have a few of them about Hekate and it’s worth it.

I have recently aqcuired it, it’s pretty hardcore devotional stuff but very interesting.
Don’t worry, you can safely use the pdf if you want. The author isn’t really happy about people pirating his work, but since the books have limited copies he also does advice people that can’t get their hands on an original copy to find a pdf if they must

And patron of occult writers…
Temple Of Ascending Flame has a pretty good Hecate book/grimoire for a decent price.

I’m not sure about the other publishings, but as for Queen Of Hell. It’s totally worth it. The books have limited copies. They are handnumbered. Mine at least has a handdrawn intericate sigilic artwork that is pretty damned powerful.
Each book is consecrated by the author to be a gateway to it’s current and the books deity.
Apart from all this the grimoire is gempacked with information and works. It is stunning, high quality and for that alone worth the price.

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