Getting in a Funk

I am making an attempt to build up my energy before Monday’s event, and find myself lacking in energy all together. Michael Ford said in a video that this is the best time to do a ritual, yet I am waning.

I mean, I know I need to get built up, and over the weekend, I hope to find it. I am wondering if I need to abstain from anything…

Like my work with Lucifuge Rofcale, before any “pact” or working is done, it is suggested by some texts to abstain from sex for 7 days with him, but for this big ritual on Monday, what should I abstain form, if anything…?

My partner and I are 5000 miles apart (literally on another continent) so REAL sex is impossible, and some rituals suggest masturbation as a way to intensify one’s energy in certain spells and rituals. So, abstinence from orgasm is abstinence from sex I suppose.

Is this required for Monday’s epic ritual?

I wander form the main topic many times when I post, but the questions of energy build up and abstinence form sex are related. I hate that I wander, but that’s the way my mind works… Plus it saves space in the forum. Sorry folks!