Getting Ideas During Rites Is a Sign of Clairaudience?

I want to know if getting ideas during rites is a sign of the development of clairaudience ?


Think it depends. Usually I know when it is likely for sure from her, but other times I have no idea. I’m also pretty sure I created a thoughtform that talks to me as her too, so that’s a pain.

I would say it’s a good sign yes

No. If anything it’s a sign of claircognizance.


Can you explain this in simple words please?

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It means clear knowing. It’s like an inner download. You get ideas, inspiration or you simply “just know” things out of the blue.
For example:
I just knew, with certainty, that I will find the X (specific) information in the Y book even If I never even opened it and there was no clue that this info would be in there.

Of course, there’s always the chance to confuse imagination with claircognizance or with other clairs. There’s an easy way to test it though. Simply…double check the idea, thought or your “I just know it”. If its a ritual, just perform it and see if the results are what they should be. Even better, have other people test it as well.


Those were my thoughts as well.

Yeah claircognizance is totally different thing. Clairaudience is hearing who you are reaching out to. For me I hear it like a faint whisper and have it being translated into my head.

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But what if the idea is an implant from the spirit rather than an inner knowing?

Still claircognizance. You don’t really “just know things” you never knew before, all by yourself. Usually its either your HS or another entity.


Yeah my claircognizance is still weak but it is there.