Getting good with Direct Magick

I am getting pretty good at gathering/charging an amount of energy, then programming it to accomplish a goal…

My astral lightning spell can cause muscle spasms in an unprotected target, I also have the Hornball which can make almost anybody horny, and I have a healing spell that I call Kiss and Make it Feel Better that can accelerate healing of minor wounds with minimal effort.

I also found easy ways to target anybody from anywhere, even if I have no idea where they are. And I can make anything hit near instantly…

If anyone needs some tips on direct magick used on other people, I could help you…


I may take you up on that offer, although the purposes I have in mind are less than friendly towards my target.

Would you mind if I pm you about this subject?


I’m to am curious. Also you could practice in me if you need. As long as it’s done with benevolence.

I still haven’t learned to protect myself from harmful magick yet.


Just for the record, folks, I can vouch for all but the lightning through personal experience.

And I’m really glad Veritem is sharing!


sent you a PM !

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@Anziel_Merkaba I am already pretty good at direct magick, but a few extra spells may be nice.

Teach me how to do a hornball :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I can practice on any volunteers :smiling_imp:


If you wanna be my first willing victim @KingOfHearts616 let me know :smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hahahaha, we’ll see, may take that offer :laughing:

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Seems I’ve become the forum guinea pig :joy:


You know you like it @KingOfHearts616! :smirk:

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Shhhhhh n-no :laughing:

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My payment would be to see the fruits of my labor :smiling_imp::joy:


Need more test subjects?:joy:

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@KingOfHearts616 @HellDevil @AdeptusTX @Sheogorath @boredomkill5

Direct magick is really easy, you just draw your energies into the shape you want, visualization is key… For my lightning spell, I visualize a sphere of crackling energy that arcs between my fingers, the as I release it, I visualize it shooting towards my target.

Besides the visualization, and energy gathering, there is just getting it to the target. For hitting someone you don’t know the location of (like a person on the internet), what I do is focus on their name and visualize a sort of mannequin shaped figure that represents them in their physical location, then shoot my spell into the air and visualize it hitting them from above like an orbital laser or something…

It’s very straightforward.


@Sheogorath yes once I get the method I will include you. Please note my terms above :joy::smiling_imp:

Sent it to you @Sheogorath

Thanks @Anziel_Merkaba

Wait… was it you that trickled my cheeks…?

Edit: No not butt cheeks.


Yes it was

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It felt ASMR like…:smirk: