Getting girls to respond on instagram messages and getting them out

Hi I am a club promoter noob.

I have mass messaged girls nearly a 1000 girls on instagram asking them to come clubbing with. I only managed to get 5 girls to come out. This is a very very low success rate.

Which demon can help me get lots of girls to first of all respond and to go clubbing with me.


You have already opened a thread about this exact same topic.


This is more specific related to messaging and getting responses on instagram

Does your club have a logo? Try turning it into a talisman by enchanting with the intent to draw in more female customers.

Where is your club? Target the areas that within range of the club (5-mile radius, 10-mile radius). Send invitations to specific orgs where these girls are like, colleges/universities, sororities, other clubs, and other promoters like yourself. You’ve got to network, dude!

What’s in it for the girls? Seriously. You want these chicks to come to your club, are you gonna offer them free entry, VIP access, a free drink, what? Ladies night? Lesbian/LGBT night? Offering specials for a bachelorette party? Some women before they get married just wanna get their “slutty freak on” before they “tie the knot”.

Most of this is plain marketing advice and common business sense. Magick can only get you so far. Especially with females who have a tendency to be “flakey”. Realize that you are in competition with other clubs in your area that they can go to. Remember what I said about networking with other promoters earlier? Find/recruit some female promoters and give them incentive to bring females to the club.

Search BALG for other advice and spells on attracting female customers to your nightclub. Perhaps a business spell involving Jupiter and a glamor spell to make the club more appealing.

I’m giving away thousands of dollars worth of advice for free here, dude. I should charge a consultant fee, but @Lady_Eva would burn my ass.

I hope this helps.