Getting Exaxtly What You Asked For

So I was awakened this morning while laying in bed recuperating from a cold, woke up, and had the thought of needing to do some money magick. The amount I wanted popped into my head, whom it might come from, and how. As I thought this, I was communicating with Azazel these thoughts. As I lay there I quickly drifted back off to sleep. This is where I’m assuming the magick occurred.

When I woke up, I got good news that I was offered the exact amount of money I was thinking about, where it would come from and how it would come. I tried to analyze and ask where it came from. I right away thought it was because I was communicating with Azazel. Then I took that a step further. I was sick and not completely awake. I was thinking of the details of magick as I would want them to manifest. I threw it out there in thought to Azazel, and immediately fell back to sleep. Then the result manifested. I’m guessing it went with me to the astral plain and the magick was set in motion there, or I was already in the astral plain when I thought I woke up.

Any thoughts? It was an amazing experience! Thank you thank you to Azazel!