Getting blood to stick

How do you get blood to absorb or stick be it on a sigil, pact etc- just crusts and falls off.


You could try drawing your sigils on something absorbent, such as felt.


Might be easier to add a few drops of blood to the ink or paint then draw the sigil or pact perhaps.

I read this on a website

This might help you mix your blood and grave yard dust and Human bone powder and some drops of demon oil from Lucifurian Apothecary which they do sell be very careful how much to mix with black ink don’t want it to go lumpy or end up with ink mud.


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I think you’re missing the point. It’s not the blood itself that matters. It’s the energy carried through the blood that is transferred into the energy of whatever you’re annointing with it.

If the blood dries up and flakes off, let it. It’s just lifeless matter now. The energy was transferred.

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Thanks @Bowling270. Found it:

I can fill up a pen with my blood!

Strangely enough, I never had this issue with my blood sticking to sigils. Maybe it’s because I always use regular slips of paper or Post-It Notes for my sigils. At times, I’ve even used the backs of store receipts and napkins for sigils.


Excellent point. Is taken

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