Getting attacked? Or psychically attacking myself?

for clarification, I was wondering if there is a way to tell if we are actually being attacked by a spirit? Or psychically attacking ourselves? I have always suffered from on and off depression. But have always been surrounded by the spirit realm. It seems more likely that it my be my own thoughts and sadness I feel attacking ‘myself’ then a random spirit wanting to mess with me, although I have been attacked by spirits in the past. I do all the protection banishing, clearing, etc. so there is nothing left but myself. Is there an easy way to tell? Sometimes I don’t know where I ‘end’ and another ‘spirit’ begins. Hopefully that makes sense.

Usually if you are a victim of a hex or curse you would know it. Has anything disappeared, unexplained illnesses, strange visions or dreams, items flying off of shelves? If the answer is no than you are probably just depressed which has nothing to do with a ritual or demonic attack.

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Ya, nothing crazy like that. Nothing sensational. Just very down and sometimes manic.

It sounds like the holiday blues in that case, maybe do some shopping and cheer up.