Getting Animals To Stop!

Alright everybody, my neighbors dog for the past 2 year’s, a little more than that actually., They woouuld notttt stoppp BARKING!

Now listen… I love animals to death, alright.

Believe me when I say this… I tried to the nice way first. Like seriously… I swear to god, I completely ignored the shit out of all the barking and noise, I got ear plugs, I got bone conducting headsets & even did it in combination for ultimate noise cancellation/distractions. But honestly… after awhile of wearing ear plugs and headsets ect. I finally got to a point to where my head started hurting because of all the things I was doing, I got a lot of pressure in my head at some points with all the frequencies and constant ear plugs & stuff.

Shit, I even went as far as cutting of certain feelings to the point where my rage was slowly building up over time, kinda like a time bomb.

Well… after 2 + years, I finally decided that the stuff I was doing and the magic I was sending them was not enough. I seriously tried to send them good energy & make them understand that they need to take care of there dogs and play with them, but unfortunately they are just not good animal owners. :disappointed::pensive:

So I did some baneful magic & I used my radionics box & now… There’s no more barking.

However… The other day I started to hear the dog squealing… & the other time the owner of the dog was yelling or something.

I felt so bad that unfortunately, I felt so sorry for what I had done, that I had accidentally broke the magic. & the dog started barking again!!

So I decided to do the magic again, but this time I spent a little more time to form a specific process that would stop me from feeling bad & it worked!!

I don’t hear the dog barking anymore! The dog isn’t squealing out of pain or anything, it’s just not barking anymore! I can finally sleep!

I know that I am able to rest without ear plugs anymore! Although sometimes the physical urges still come… I believe this is a withdrawal of the physical habits I would of that would lead to a form of anxiety in an effort to keep me focused on my what I’m trying to do.

1.) When performing Bane, ask yourself what you really want & if you really want to

2.) Don’t feel sorry about it, & be weary of the physical withdrawals that may cause the symptoms of anxiety & worry or anything that could potentially break your magic manifestation.


Id like to say that the reason why this could be happening is because negs can’t get to me directly, so instead… they are trying to get to me indirectly. This is a very important thing to recognize.

I mean… think about it. If negative energy can’t get through you, then depending on how persistent it’s willing be, then it will try and find a different way.

These are things to be mindful for. You got to take into consideration that every single problem has a certain amount of resistance.

Some problems have alot of resistance& blockages that require a huge amount of time to get what you want.

Some have little resistance and can be stopped any where from immediately to at least a week, at-least in my experience.

Dog + positive manifestation - resistance = Failed

This could be due to the fact that I have to break through the owners of the house and fix ALL TYPES OF ISSUES. I would have to fundamentally change the owners mindset so they can become better people, however it’s really hard doing it this way, because that is basically me have to put it hours and hours a day to help them evolve unfortunatley​:sweat::disappointed_relieved:
So I had to do what I had to do…

Bane magic + Dog - Resistance = instant success ( within 2 attempts, however I’m going to optimize this to my liking because I still want them to be dogs & live there life )

Since the owners are negative toxic non caring people of there animals, it’s appears that bane magic had instant success die to the fact that they constantly unknowingly accepting negative energy, so therefore I manipulated the situation to my liking because it was the path of least resistance with due to my current knowledge of them.

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