Getting a new tattoo soon


Soooo before Jan 2019 I’m getting myself a new tattoo. I’m trying to get some inspiration from people because I am not gonna google images and print them out and shit like that. So I have a few ideas in mind, just trying to see which one I want first pretty much. For one I know I want an UFO because I’ve always been obsessed with aliens and space. I did want it to have a light coming out picking up a cat but I feel like that’s been done. Even though I also love cats and I already have a cat tattoo. Idk if I want the ufo to be by Saturn cause i have always felt close to Saturn. Even when I was young it was my fav.

2 choice) I want to get amethyst crystals and a few other types of crystals inside of a crystal ball. Maybe the crystal ball would be surrounded by hands and a table it sits on with candles.

3 choice ) Two of my favorite tarot cards. Two that speak to me the most. But I’ll ask the tattoo artist to draw the card freehanded how she wants it to be. I’m not gonna straight copy a card from my deck.

Anyway. Idk if anyone has input please let me know. Good or bad. Either way it’s my body I’m gonna get what I want but I like constructive criticism because my other three tattoos aren’t that great. I want To think this out more.

Thanks brethren from my other methern! :alien::alien::bat:


Well. If you’re one for crude ideas - You love cats and UFO’s. Im pretty sure not everyone has a UFO near their special place.

Edit : And you still get to use this idea " I did want it to have a light coming out picking up a cat"


That’s true ! Forgot to mention I’m trying to do my sleeve before I get tattooed anywhere else lol. But I’m way too much of a wimp to get a tattoo close to my lady parts or bony areas.
So far I have close to a half lower sleeve on my right arm and the pain wasn’t so bad. Except when it once got close to my elbow (3 inches away).
I mean so many people love a lot of the same things, tattoo ideas are gonna be repeated in some kind of way. As long as I never get an arrow or something like a tribal tattoo I’ll be happy. Also no shade if anyone has those tattoos. Just not my thing


That is true but the inspiration is good enough for direction. All my ideas generally tend to revolve around something I know without a shadow of a doubt will not change at all and there aren’t many lol. The really passionate artists will always tell me “That looks cool but we can change it to suit you”.

I use a songwriting technique to make decisions like this because everything at some point is amazing, until it isn’t. It is pretty much mind mapping and I sit with it for a while. It can be as long as a year sometimes, my first idea took this long but it really hit the core of my being and everything else was structured from it. Everything tells a story. When im unsure about ideas, then I tend to approach them in terms of size. They may find themselves fitting into something else or the form itself may change but the core idea is still very much the same. If im at a point of “I don’t know anymore” then I slap myself for lying to myself for so long.


Think about the result not about the pain, the pain is there just for a bit, it leaves the moment you’re done. What annoys me the most on bigger tattoos is the aftercare until it’s healed. :unamused: